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it would be amazing...
...but I really don't think
it would be a good idea.
I really...
'Sup, dude?
Take whatever you want,
just don't hurt me.
You playing
a little PlayStation, huh?
That's whack.
PlayStation is whack.
'Sup with the whack PlayStation,
Come on, am I 19 or what?
Yes, on a scale of one to ten, ten
being the dumbest a person can look...
...you are definitely 19.
Come on, really. How old?
Young. You're a man-child, okay?
Now get changed, everybody's ready.
And please, please, keep my underwear.
You've had a lot of sex, right?
When, today?
Some, not a lot.
The reason I'm asking
is because I had kind of a...
I was unable to...
I really wanted to, but I couldn't...
There was an incident.
Don't worry about that, man.
That happens.
- It's happened to you?
- Yeah, once.
- Well, what'd you do?
- I did it anyway.
Phoebe, come on, let's go.
Come on.
Why aren't you dressed yet?
I wrote the best song
for your wedding.
Check this out.
If you get ready now, you can play.
- Really?!
- Yes.
That's so exciting! Thanks, Mon.
But if you touch my guitar again, I'll
have to pound on you a little bit.
Fair enough. Get ready.
I'll get everybody.
Finally we can start celebrating my...
I'm sorry, apparently I opened
the door to the past.
Okay, Monica, Mon.
Okay, what you just saw...
Can I ask you just a little question?
Why tonight?
I waited my whole life
to be engaged...
...and unlike some,
I only plan on doing this once.
Maybe it's selfish, I'm sorry, but I
hoped tonight could just be about that.
But it is just about that.
Now it's about you
getting back together.
See, you kind of stole my thunder.
We did not steal your thunder.
We are not getting back together.
Yeah, no, and you know what?
Nobody even saw.
That's true.
- We just kissed.
- It was just a kiss.
You guys kissed?!
What does this mean?!
Are you back together?
Can I sing at your wedding?
Thunder being stolen.
- Phoebe, it's nothing.
- Let's not make a big deal of this.
It was a one-time thing.
It doesn't even matter.
Oh, my God.
I cannot believe you guys
are talking about this.
Problems in the bedroom
are between a man and woman.
All right? Now, Chandler
is doing the best he can.
I don't think that's
what they were talking about.
What a great night.
Chandler can't do it, they kissed.
- What?
- You guys kissed? This is huge.
No, it's not huge.
People thinking it's huge
has led Monica to believe...
...we're stealing her thunder,
which we aren't.
We're still talking about it.
That, and Chandler's problem.
Monica, listen, listen.
Would you feel better if we stopped
talking about Ross and Rachel?
- That would be lovely.
- You got it.
Now, I can pass for 19, right?
Yes, you can pass for 19.
- Really?
- Yes.
- Seriously?
- Seriously?
Seriously, no. Okay? You can play
your own age, which is 31.
I'm 30!
Joey, you are not. You're 31.
Oh, crap!
So, the Plaza. We'll get some mai
tais? Maybe no more for you though.
You know, I think I don't feel like
going to the Plaza.
Monica, this is ridiculous.
I don't want to talk about it.
I don't. Especially with you.
That is whack.
I'll play it at the wedding.
We'll see if they actually
let you play.
They tell you anything
you want to hear...
...like, "You look 19. "
Then they just take it away,
like, "No, you don't. "
Monica won't take this away.
- Wouldn't she?
- Would she?
Would she?
You ate my candy bar!
Guess who.
Hey, I just realized we kind of left
some stuff up in the air.
What did Monica mean:
"I don't want to talk,"
especially with me?
Why not especially you and me?
We were both kissing.
Still thinking about it?
I'm serious. What did she mean
by that? "Especially you. "
- Who cares?
- I care.
And so do I.
I have to talk to her.
Will you let me get changed?
Am I going to let you watch me?
I can't believe her.
It's just so typical.
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