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Maybe she should have spent
a little less time decorating...
...and a little more time
in the bedroom.
I don't think we are going
to have that problem...
...but maybe it's because I am not
emotionally unavailable.
You think he's
emotionally unavailable?
I think he can be.
Maybe he wouldn't be...
...if she didn't bring the office
home every night.
Excuse her for knowing
what she wants to do with her life.
Well, she certainly knew what
she was doing New Year's Eve 1997.
I knew you were going
to throw that in my face!
That was three years ago.
She apologized and apologized.
What more do you want?!
We want the last 6 years back!
So do we! So do we!
I'm sorry you had to see that.
- Morning, Rachel.
- Hi.
Hey, so, what'd you do last night?
- Went out with Joey.
- Yeah?
Another night of bird-dogging
the chicas?
No, we had a really good talk.
I don't think I'll do
the bar scene anymore.
Wow, I did not see that coming.
It's just not really who I am.
I've always been happier when...
Why am I telling you this?
- You don't care about this stuff.
- Yes, I do.
You were saying,
"I'm happier when I... . "
When I'm in a relationship.
- I love having a girlfriend.
- Really?
Someone I can spoil, you know.
- Let me ask you something.
- Uh-huh?
Do you believe there's one perfect
person for everyone?
I'm starting to.
And if that person's in your life
you should do something about it?
Yes. Hell, yes.
- All right, then, it's settled.
- Okay.
- I'm getting back together with my ex.
- I would love to!
Oh. This is gonna be a while.
Excuse me.
My God!
Oh, I'm sorry. Is that annoying?
And speaking of being selfish in bed,
how's Whitney?
Maybe she wouldn't have to be
selfish in bed...
...if someone else knew where
everything was.
Oh, he knows.
For the most part.
Oh, hey.
Good, you're both here.
We kind of need to talk.
- Both of you together?
- What's up?
Well, I went over to Kyle's last night
to pick up a few things...
...and we got to reminiscing.
We talked most of the night...
...and realized the reason
we're angry with each other...
...is because there are still
feelings there.
So... .
Oh, just say it, Kyle!
We're gonna try again.
What about her whining,
and her constant need for attention?
I'll work on that.
Right, because you're so
capable of change.
You know, he hums when he pees.
- I do know.
- Makes him miss the bowl, but whatever.
We're so sorry.
That's all right. We don't need you.
I'm over it already.
Yeah, and I don't even give
a tiny rat's ass.
Yeah, we're gonna go.
I'm sorry.
Pheebs, you were right about her.
You know, she did try to use
sex as a weapon.
Yeah, I hurt my back a little.
You know, he hums while he does
other stuff too.
We're better off without them.
Even if they break up again, you better
not let him in your sad men's club.
- Divorced men's club.
- Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.
Hey, guys, check it out.
- My mom sent me the paper.
- Let's see it.
- Oh, yeah, that looks good.
- You make a very attractive couple.
- Yeah, we look great together.
- We really do.
Imagine what our kids would look like.
We don't have to imagine.
I'm marrying her.
We'll just see.The reason I asked you to brunch...
...is because I've been thinking
about my maid of honor.
Oh, my God. This is it. Oh.
I hope it's you.
- I hope it's you.
- Me too.
First of all,
I love you both so much.
- You're both so important to me.
- Blah, blah, blah. Who is it?
I was thinking we could
come up with a system...
...where we trade off
being maid of honor.
- Hypothetically, if Phoebe were mine...
- Yes! Oh.
If Phoebe were mine, Rachel would
be Phoebe's, I'd be Rachel's.
We all get to do it
and no one gets upset.
- That's a pretty good idea.
- I'll do that. So, who's yours?
Well, that's the best part.
You guys get to decide.
- Why is that the
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