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he knew that got fired. "
I won't get fired, because
I'm not gonna act on it.
You wouldn't mind
if he was dating someone?
Why, is he? He is, isn't he?
He's dating that slut in marketing.
Maybe I should open
a divorced men's club.
Dude, that's so sad.
I could put a basketball court
in the back.
Could I play?
Oh, no sit-ups today, Tag?
- I just did them.
- Well, drop and give me 10 more.
I had a drink with lunch.
- Did those cost reports come in?
- I did them last night.
Could you make me 4 copies?
- Sure.
- Great, thank you.
- Hey, Rachel.
- Hi, Melissa. What's up?
I'm just about to go out to the store.
Get some stuff to put in my backpack.
Dried fruit and granola,
and stuff like that.
- What's up?
- Is Tag here?
No. Why?
I was gonna talk to him about tonight.
Really? You got a little crush
on Tag there, do ya?
We've been flirting back and forth...
...but I was hoping tonight it would
turn into something a little more.
Easy there, Melissa.
This ain't a locker room, okay.
But you know, I remember him saying
that he had plans tonight.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, yeah.
All right, back to work.
Hey, isn't that Tag's backpack?
I don't want to be known as the office
bitch, but I'll call your supervisor.
Great, that's great, Monica. Great.
Now, Chandler, you want to
give us a smile?
- I'm sorry, is the seat uncomfortable?
- No, I am.
Chandler, I know you can do this.
You have a beautiful smile.
- I do?
- Yeah.
Maybe you don't have to smile.
Let's try something else.
- Try looking sexy.
- Okay.
Or not.
Hi, Joey, what are you doing here?
I got an audition down the street,
and I spilled sauce on my shirt.
- You got an extra one?
- Yeah, sure.
You got anything that's
not Ralph Lauren?
Yeah, I don't think so, Joe.
I guess this'll be fine.
- What are you doing tonight?
- Nothing. Why?
How would you feel about
taking out Tag? I'll pay.
It's gonna take a lot of money for
me to go out on a date with a dude.
I'm not asking you to go on
a date with him.
Really? Because I could kind of
use the money.
He's new in town and
he doesn't have any guy friends.
Take him to a ball game or something.
I'd appreciate it.
- Yeah, okay, no problem.
- Thank you.
Ooh, hey, doughnuts!
I know. Let's try a look...
...of far-off wonderment.
Gaze into our future and think about
our marriage and the days to come.
Chandler, what is the matter
with your face?
This picture should say
"Geller and Bing to be married"...
...not "Local woman saves
drowning moron. "
Hey, don't laugh at him.
He's my drowning moron.
That's it, that's it!
Take it, take it!
I like this one.
It seems to say, "I love you and
that's why I have to kill you. "
Can't all be bad.
Find the one where you make
your bedroom eyes.
There it is.
Oh, my God,
those are my bedroom eyes?
Why did you ever sleep with me?
Do you really want to pull
at that thread?
- I'm having a good time.
- Me too.
Sorry that guy on the subway
licked your neck.
No, that's okay. He's a friend.
I don't mean to be presumptuous...
...but I have tickets to the
ballroom-dancing finals tomorrow.
Yeah, l...
Well, I missed the semifinals,
so I think I would just be lost.
I know it's lame, but I got
these tickets from my boss...
Oh, no, no, no, my God!
Okay, don't freak out. I'll go.
It's my ex-wife, Whitney.
I cannot deal with her now.
She's crazy.
Okay, I know. Hold on.
- Hey, Ross.
- Yeah.
That's Whitney, Kyle's ex-wife
out there.
Do you think you could divert her
so we could slip out?
What? No.
Okay, but I have two tickets to
the ballroom-dance finals.
I don't think so, Pheebs.
All right, I'll do it.
- But just because you're a friend.
- Okay.
Hi, Ginger.
I want my key back.
- I don't have it.
- It's right there.
Okay, Sherlock.
I'm sorry, but you'd better go.
I just wanted to thank you
for diverting Kyle's ex.
You're welcome.
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