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not much of a phone person.
- Yeah?
So, uh, so, uh, what's the deal with this father guy, I mean, if someone was havin' my baby somewhere, I'd wanna know about it, you know?
Hey, Knick fan, am I interested in your views on fatherhood? Uh, no.
Ok, look, maybe I should just go.
Maybe you should.
Good luck, and uh,
Take care, huh?
You know what the Celtics problem is? They let the players run the team.
Oh, that is so not true.
- Oh, it is.
- It isn't.
- Breathe.
- Breathe.
You're gonna kill me!
15 more seconds, 14, 13, 12...
Count faster.
It's gonna be ok, just remember, we're doing this for Jordie.
Just keep focusing on Jordie.
Who the hell is Jordie?
Your son.
No-no-no. I don't have a son named Jordie. We all agreed, my son's name is Jamie.
Well, Jamie was the name of Susan's first girlfriend, so we went back to Jordie.
What? Whoa, whoa whoa whoa, what do you mean, back to Jordie? We never landed on Jordie.
We just passed by it during the whole Jessy, Cody, Dylan fiasco.
- Ow, ow, ow, ow, leg cramp, leg cramp, leg cramp.
- I got it.
- I got it.
- I got it!
Hey, you get to sleep with her, I get the cramps.
No, you don't.
All right, that's it. I want both of you out.
- What?  He started it!
- No, you started it.
- You did!
I don't care. I am trying to get a person out of my body here, and you're not making it any easier.
- But...
- Now go!
- Thanks a lot.
- See what you did.
- Yeah, listen...
- Out!
Breathe, breathe, breathe...
Oh, no.
Ew! What is that? Something exploded!
It's just her water breaking. Calm down, will you?
Water breaking, what do you mean? What's that, water breaking?
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
- Please. This is so your fault.
- How, how is this my fault?
Look, Carol never threw me out of a room before you came along.
Yeah? Well, there's a lot of things Carol never did before I came along.
- You tryin' to be clever? A funny lady?
- You know what your problem is? You're threatened by me.
- Oh, I'm threatened by you?
- Yes.
Hey, hey, ok, all right, that's it! Get in here. Come on.
My god, you guys, I don't believe you.
There are children coming into the world in this very building and your negative fighting noises are not the first thing they should be hearing.
So just stop all the yelling, just stop it!
Yeah, Susan.
Don't make me do this again, I don't like my voice like this.
Ok, who wants to hear something ironic?
- Help, Help.
- Come on
I'm having a baby in here!
OK!. Everyone stand back!
Are they here yet?
No, honey, they're not, but don't worry, because we are going to find them, and until we do, we are all here for you, ok?
- Ok.
- Ok?
Ok, so anyway, you were telling me about Paris, it sounds fascinating.
It really was. There was this great little pastry shop right by my hotel.
There you go, dear.
Come on, Lydia, you can do it. Push! Push 'em out, push 'em out, harder, harder. Push 'em out, push 'em out, way out!
Let's get that ball and really move, hey, hey, ho, ho. Let's?
I was just?yeah, right.
Push! Push!
What're you gonna do, suck the door open?
- Help! Help!
- Help! Help!
"They found their bodies the very next day, they found their bodies the very next..."
- "la la la la la la."
- Help!
Now, Mom, everything's going fine, really.  Yeah, Ross is great.
He's uh, he's in a whole other place.
No, he's gone.  No no, you don't have to fly back, really.
What do you mean this might be your only chance?
Would you stop? I'm only 26, I'm not even thinking about babies yet.
Where have you been?
Oh, just had a baby.
Mazel tov!
I don't know, could be an hour, could be three, but relax, she's doing great. So, uh,
tell me, are you currently involved with anyone?
No, no, not at the moment, no, I'm not. Are you?
No, no. It's hard enough to get women to go out with me.
Right, yeah, I've heard that about cute doctors.
No, no, really. I suppose it's because I spend so much time, you know, where I do.
I try not to let my
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