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and my stepfather went to jail,
so I barely had enough pieces of parents to make one whole one.
here's this little baby who has like three whole parents who care about it so much that
they're fighting over who gets to love it the most.
And it's not even born yet.
It's just, it's just the luckiest baby in the whole world.
I'm sorry, you were fighting.
Where are they?
- I'm sure they'll be here soon.
- Yeah, honey, they wouldn't miss this.
Relax. You're only at nine centimeters. And the baby's at zero station.
You are really frightening me.
Somebody wanna help me, tryin' to rip out my heart.
Uh, that's great. Anybody seen a nipple?
All right, ten centimeters, here we go.
- All right, honey, time to start pushing.
- But they're not here yet!
I'm sorry, I can't tell the baby to wait for them.
Ok, got the vent open.
Hi, I'm Ben.
I'm hospital worker Ben.
It's Ben... to the rescue!
- Ben, you ready?
All right, gimme your foot. Ok, on three, Ben. One, two, three.
Ok, That's it, Ben.
What do you see?
Well, Susan, I see what appears to be a dark vent. Wait.
Yes, it is in fact a dark vent.
Phoebs, It's open! It's open!
Wait! You forgot your legs!
Push, push!
We're here!
Where have you been?
Long story, honey.
All right, Carol, I need you to keep pushing .I need?
Excuse me, can I have this?
All right, all right, there's a few too many people in this room, and there's about to be one more.
So anybody who's not an ex-husband or a lesbian life partner, out you go!
Good luck!
Let me ask you, do you have to be Carol's lesbian life partner?
- All right, he's crowning. Here he comes.
- Let me see, I gotta see, I gotta see.
Oh, a head.
Oh, it's, it's huge. Carol, how are you doing this?
Not.... helping!
You're doing great, you're doing fine.
- Hello!?
-Oh, sorry.
What do you see? What do you see?
We got a head, we got shoulders, we got arms, we got,
oh, look at the little fingers
and a chest, and a stomach. It's a boy, definitely a boy! All right!
Ok, legs, knees, and feet.
Oh, oh. He's here.
He's a person.
- Oh, look at that!
- What does he look like?
Kinda like my uncle Ed, covered in Jell-o.
- You guys, he's beautiful!
- Oh, thanks, Pheebs!
No shouting, but we still need a name for this little guy.
How 'bout Ben?
I like Ben.
Ben.      Ben.
- Ben's good.
How come you never mentioned Ben before?
We uh, we just cooked it up.
That's what we were off doing.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Can we come in?
I know, I know. Everybody, there's someone I'd like you to meet.
Yeah. This is Ben.
Ben, this is everybody.
Hi, Ben.
Susan, he looks just like you.
Oh, god, I can't believe one of us actually has one of these.
I know, I still am one of these.
- Ross
- Yes?
Can I?
The head, the head. You gotta...
Hi, Ben.
I'm your Aunt Monica. Yes I am. I'm your Aunt Monica.
I...I will always have gum.
Ben, I want you to know  that
there may be some times when I may not be around, like this.
But I'll still always come back,
like this.
And sometimes I may be away longer, like this.
But I'll still always come back,
like this.
And sometimes, I'll want you to steal third, and I'll go like this.
He is so amazing.
Oh, I know. Look at him.
Ben, Ben
Hey Ben.
Nothing. I don't think that's his name.
Oh, look, look, he's closing his eyes.
Look, he's opening his eyes.
He doesn't do much, does he?
No, this is pretty much it.
- You guys wanna get some coffee?
- Yeah.
All right, I'll see you guys later.
Oh, look, he's closing his eyes again.She's not here yet. She's not here. She's having my baby and she's not here.
I'm sure everything's fine. Has her water broke yet?
I don't know, but when I spoke to her, she said she had already passed the mucus plug.
Do we have to know about that?
Joey, what are you gonna do when you have a baby?
I'm gonna be in the waitin' room, handing out cigars.
Yes, Joey's made arrangements to have his baby in a movie from the 50's.
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