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Mr.Bing's office.
No I'm sorry, he's in a meeting right now.
I'm not in a meeting.I'm right... Whoops.
Will he know what this is in reference to?And he has your number?
All right, I'll see that he gets the message.Bye bye.
What?Ross says hi.Ah!
This is so fun.All right, what do we do now?
Well, now, I actually have to get to work.
Most likely.
Okay, I'm gonna be out there.
All right. Bye bye.
Bye bye.
Whatcha doin'?Ooh.
Windows are clean, candels are lit.
Uh, belt's to tight, gotta change the belt.
Did I turn the fish?No, cause I made lasagne.
Am I out of control?Just a touch.
Mon, I don't understand. I mean, you've been dating thisguy since like, what his midterms?
I mean, why all the sudden are you so...
Could tonight be the Night?
I don't know.
Look he's a great guy and I love being with him but youknow.
Things happen, and they happen. You don't plan these things.
So, did you shave your legs?
Would you let it go Ross.It was just a dream. It doesn't mean
Oh, oh.
Oh, oh. Oh this is it. Oh my god it's baby time. Baby time.
All right, relax, relax.Just relax, just relax. Be cool, be cool.
Yeah, hi, I was just beeped.
No, Andr?is not here.
Third time today.
Yes, I'm sure No, sir. I don't perform thosekind of services.
Services?Oh, services.
Yeah, you want 55-JUMBO.
Yeah, that's right. That's right,JUMBO with a U, sir.
No, belive me, you don't want me. Judging by his number, I'dbe a huge disappointment.
All rightie, bye bye.
Hey, hey. How was the first day?
Oh, exellent. Everyone was so, so nice.
See, it pays to know the man who wears my shoes.
No, I didn't tell anybody that I knew you.
Why not?
Oh, because, you know they don't like you.
I thought you knew that.
Noho. Who doesn't they like me?
Everyone. Except for uh...
no everyone.
What are you talking about?
Don't feel bad.
You know they used to like you a lot.But then you got promoted, and, you know,
now you're like "Mr.Boss Man". You know,Mr. Bing. Mr. Bing, "Boss Man Bing"
I can't belive it.
Yeah, yeah. They even do you.
They do me?
You know like uh okay...
uh... 'Could that report be any later?'
I don't sound like that.
Oh, oh Chandler...Oh... Yeah, you do.
'The hills were alive with the sound of music.'
My scones.'My scones.'
Okay, I don't sound like that.That is so not true.
That is so not... That is so not...That... Oh, shut up!
Did not.I am telling you, up until I was, like nine, I thought thatgunpoint was an actual place where crimes happen.
How was that possible?Well, think about it.
It's always on the news. 'A man is being heldup, at gunpoint.' 'Tourists are being terrorised, at gunpoint.'
And I just kept thinking:why does people continue to go there?
Oh, ah.
I should go.
Uh, ah.Unless you wanna stay over?
I mean, I'm going to, so
Yeah, I'd really like that.
Uuh, before we get into any staying-over-stuff,
there is somethingyou should know.
Okay, is this like 'I have an early class tomorrow' or
'I'm secretly married to a goat?'
Well it's somewhere in between.
You see, in a strictly technicalsense, of course,
I'm not uh, well I, I mean I haven't ever uh...
Are you a virgin?
Well, if that's what you kids are calling it these daysthen, yes I am.
I uh, I've kinda been waiting for the right person.
You do know I was talking about you, right?
You keep saying that.
You know, you read about it, you see it in the movies.
Even when you practice it at home, man oh man,
it is nothing like that.
Listen, uh,
you told me something that was really difficult for you.
And I, I-I figured if you could be honest, then I can to.
Oh god, don't tell me, I did it wrong.
No-no. Nothing wrong about that.
Um, okay, here it goes.
I'm not 22. I'm, I'm 25
and thirteen months.
But I figured, you know, that shouldn't change anything.I mean, whatthe hell does it matter how old we are.
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