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Thank you.
What d'you think?
Lotsa things.
Which one do you think she is?
May I help you?Oh, no thanks, we're just here to observe.
You don't observe a dance class.You dance a dance class.
Spare shoes are over there.
What does she mean?
I think she means  'You dance a dance class'.
Oh, c'mon, c'mon.
Okay, d'y'see anybody you think could be me?
People!Last time there were some empty yoghurtcontainers lying around after class.
Let's not have that happen again!
She could be you.
Let's get started.
Five, six, a-five six seven eight
Okay, I'm not getting this!
I'm totally getting it!
Did you ever feel like sometimes you are just so unbelievablyuncoordinated?
What? You just click when they click.
Alright people, now everyone grab a partner.
And, my, dead, mother, says, you, are, it. I'm with Rachel.
Great. It's gym class all over again.
Well that's all right, you can come up to the front and dance with me.
Why don't I just take off my clothes and have a nightmare.
It's okay, it's okay, I'm here, I'm here.Sorry I'm late, okay, here Iam. Who's the new tense girl?
She's your partner.
Hi. I'm Monica.
Oh. Monica! ...
Hi. I'm Mo- ...
Yeah. It's Dutch.
You're kidding!I-I spent three years in Amsterdam.
(Asks her something in Dutch)
Um, Pennsylvania Dutch.
And we're dancing.A-five, six, seven, eight
Where've you been?
At the vet.She's not gonna make you wear one of those big plastic cones, is she?
She says Marcel's humping thing's not a phase.
Apparently he's reached sexual maturity.
Hey! He beat ya.
She says as time goes on, he's gonna start getting agressive and violent.
So what does this mean?
I'm gonna have to give him up.
I can't believe it, Ross. This sucks!
I don't get it, I mean, you just got him.How can he be an adult already?
I know. I know. I mean, one day, he's this little thing, and before youknow it, he's this little thing I can't get off my leg.
Isn't there any way you can keep him?
No, no.
The vet says unless he's in a place where he has regular access tosome monkey lovin,' he's just gonna get vicious.
I've just gotta get him into a zoo.
How do you get a monkey into a zoo?I know that one!
No, that's Popes into a Volkswagen.
Well, we're applying to a lot of them.Naturally our first choice would beone of the bigger state zoos, y'know, like, uh, San Diego right?
But that might just bea pipe dream, because, y'know, he's out of state.
Uh, my vet, uh, knows someone at Miami,so that's a possibility.
Yeah, but that's like two blocks away from the beach.I mean, it's a total party zoo.
Hey. We found her, we found the girl.What?
Did you call the cops?Nope. We took her to lunch.
Ah. Your own brand of vigilante justice.
What?!Are you insane?This woman stole from you.She stole. She's a stealer.
Y'know what?After you're with this woman for like ten minutes, youforget all that.
I mean, she is this astounding person, with this, with this amazingspirit.
Yeah, which she probably stole from some cheerleader.
...Take off their hats!
Popes in a Volkswagen!
I love that joke.
No way. No way did you do this.
Monana was very brave.
It was so wild.We told them we were the Gunnersens in room six fifteen.
Only to find out the Boston Celtics had taken over the entire sixth floor!
So once they caught on to the fact that we're, y'know, short andhave breasts...
They threw us out!I was thrown out of a hotel! Me!
Go Monana!
Well, you ladies are not the only ones living the dream.
I get to go pour coffee for people I don't know.Don't wait up.
Oh, by the way, tomorrow we're auditioning for a Broadway show.
'Scuse me?There's an open call for Cats.
I'm thinking we go down there, singMemories and make complete fools of ourselves.
Whaddya say?
Nononononono.Remember who you're dealing with here.
I mean, I'm not like you.I-I can't even stand in front of a tap class.
Well, that's just probably 'cause of your Amish background.
What?Well, you're
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