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Was that all you wanted to ask me?
- That's all!
Ohhhh!! ...What? What?
That's not all.
- Oh sure it is!
- Oh no, it isn't! No!
I think Barry is seeing someone in the city.
Um, what- what would make you think that?
Well, ever since we announced the engagement, he's been acting really weird,
and then last night, he came home smelling like Chanel.
Mindy, if it'll make you feel any better,
when I was engaged to him he went through a whole weird thing too.
Oh God! You see, that's what I was afraid of!
What? What's what you were afraid of?
Okay, okay... when Barry was engaged to you,
he and I...kind of... had a little thing on the side.
I know. I know, and when he proposed to me, everyone said
"Don't do it, he's just gonna do to you what he did to Rachel,"
and now I feel so stupid.
Uh... Oh, Mindy, you are so stupid.
Oh, we are both so stupid.
What do you mean?
Smell familiar?
Oh no.
Oh, I am so sorry.
- No me, I am so sorry...
- No, I am sorry...
Oh my.
Four letters "Circle or hoop".
- Ring dammit, ring!
- Thanks.
- Hey, you know our phone's not working?- What?!
I tried to call you from the coffee shop, and there was no answer.
I turned it off. Mother of God, I turned it off!
Just like you told her you did!...
Just pointing out the irony.
Hey, so listen, I went across the street and talked to the doorman-
I got the peeper's name! Can I use the phone?
Can I use your phone?
Yeah, the number for a Sidney Marks, please.
"Heating device."
Five letters.
Yeah, is Sidney there?
Oh, this is?
- Sidney's a woman.
- So she's a woman! So what?
Yeah. Yeah, so what?
Look, I live across the street,
and I know all about you and your little telescope, and I don't appreciate it, okay?
Yeah, I can see you right now! Hello!
If I wanna walk around my apartment in my underwear, I shouldn't have to feel like?
Thank you,
but... that's not really the point... The point is that...
- Mostly free weights, but occasionally..
- Joey!!
Yeah, my neighbor... Yeah, the brunette...
he says you looked very pretty the other day in the green dress.
The green dress? Really?
Yeah, she said you looked like Ingrid Bergman that day.
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Hey. Got a second?
- Sure, sure. Come on... ...in...
Hello, sweetheart.
Uh... uh... what're'you... what're'you guys doing here?
Uh, we are here to break up with you.
Both of you?
Basically, we think you're a horrible human being, and bad things should happen to you.
I'm sorry... I'm sorry, God, I am so sorry, I'm an idiot, I was weak, I couldn't help myself!
Whatever I did, I only did because I love you so much!
Uh- which one of us are you talking to there, Barr?
....Mindy. Mindy,
of course Mindy, it was always Mindy.
Even when we were having sex in that chair?
I swear, whatever I was doing, I was always thinking of you.
During that second time you couldn't have picked her out of a lineup!
You did it twice?
Well, the first time didn't really count... I mean, y'know, 's'Barry.
Sweetheart, just gimme- gimme another chance,
okay, we'll start all over again. We'll go back to Aruba.
Dr. Farber, we've got a bit of an emergency here...Jason Costalano is choking on his retainer.
Oh God... I'll be right there, Bernice.
Look, please, please don't go anywhere, okay? I'll be, I'll be right back.
Okay. Okay, we'll be here! Hating you!
Did you see how he was sweating when he walked out of there?
Listen honey, if I'm hogging the ball too much you just jump right in there
and take a couple punches because I'm telling you, this feels great.
Yeah... I'm pretty sure I'm still gonna marry him.
What are you talking about?!
Mindy, the guy is the devil!
He's Satan in a smock!
Look, I know he's not perfect,
but the truth is, at the end of the day, I still really wanna be Mrs. Dr. Barry Farber,
Oh God.
I hope you can find some way to be happy for me. And I hope you'll still be my maid of honor...?
And I
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