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happen around you.
I mean, you're off in Rachel-land, doing your Rachel-thing,
totally oblivious to people's monkeys, or to people's feelings...
- Ross.
- I don't even wanna hear it, you're just...
- Ross.
- Oh, forget it, okay?
- Ross!
- What? What?
Hey! Hey, Bananaman!
Oh, this is so intense. One side of my butt is totally asleep, and the other side has no idea.
Hi, did you order some bananas?
- What about it?
- Gimme back my monkey.
I don't have a monkey.
Then what's with all the bananas?
Marcel? Marcel? Okay, where is he? Where is he? Marcel? Marcel?
What've you done to him?
That's my monkey. That's Patti, Patti the monkey.
Are you insane? C'mere, Marcel, c'mon.
- C'mere, Patti.
- C'mere, Marcel.
C'mere, Patti.
Here, monkey. Here, monkey! Here, monkey!Gotcha.
- Okay, gimme my monkey back.
- That's my monkey.
You're both gonna have to take this up with the judge.
That's not my monkey. Just the dress is mine, you can send that back whenever.
- Alright, I want my monkey.
- No!
- Oh, c'mon, Luisa!
- Sorry, prom queen.
You had to be a bitch in high school, you couldn't've been fat.
Alright. In high school I was the prom queen and I was the homecoming queen and the class president and you...
were also there!
But if you take this monkey, I will lose one of the most important people in my life.
You can hate me if you want, but please do not punish him.
C'mon, Luisa, you have a chance to be the bigger person here! Take it!
Well then how about I call your supervisor, and I tell her that you shot my friend in the ass with a dart?
It'll be nice to get this off finally, won't it? Yes it will. Or we can leave it on for now, that's fine.
Y'know, with the right pair of pumps, that would be a great little outfit.
Listen, I'm- I'm sorry I was so hard on you before, it's just I...
Oh, Ross, c'mon. It's my fault, I almost lost your...
Yeah, but you were the one who got him back, y'know? You, you were great.
...Hey, we uh, we still have that, uh, that bottle of wine. You in the mood for, uh, something grape?
- That'd be good.
- Alright.
The, uh, the neighbours must be vacuuming.
Well, so long as we're here and,
uh, not on the subject,
I was thinking about,
uh, how mad we got at each other before,
and, um,
I was thinking maybe it was partially because of how we, um...
I can't. I can't do it, I can't marry Mindy.
I think I'm still in love with you.
We have got to start locking that door!
This is me in The Sound of Music. See the von Trapp kids?
That's because I'm in front of them.
Eh. I thought that was an alp.
Well, high school was not my favourite time.
I dunno, I loved high school. Y'know? It was just four years of parties and dating and sex.
Yeah, well I went to boarding school with four hundred boys.
Any sex I had would've involved a major lifestyle choice.
Gosh, doesn't it seem like a million years ago?
Oh. Oooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! My butt cheek is waking up! Oooh! Ooh!The One With the Evil Orthodontist
I can't believe you would actually say that.
I would much rather be Mr.Peanut than Mr.Salty.
No way! Mr.Salty is a sailor, all right, he's got to be, like, thetoughest snack there is.
I don't know, you don't wanna mess with corn nuts.
They're craaazy.
Oh my God.
You guys! You gotta come see this! There's some creep out there with a telescope!
I can't believe it! He's looking right at us!
Oh, that is so sick.
I feel violated. And not in a good way.
How can people do that?...
Oh, you guys, look! Ugly Naked Guy got gravity boots!
I am telling you, years from now,
schoolchildren will study it as one of the greatest first dates of all time.
It was unbelievable! We could totally be ourselves, we didn't have to play any games...
So have you called her yet?
Let her know I like her? What are you, insane?
Oh guy!
It's the next day! How needy do I want to seem? I'm right, right?
Oh, yeah. Yeah. Let her dangle.
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