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not like them?
Marcel is an illegal exotic animal.
I'm not allowed to have him in the city.If they find him, they'll take him away from me.
O-okay, now see, you never ever ever told us that...
That's right, I.. 'cause I didn't expect you were gonna invite them to the apartment!
Hi, thanks for coming.
Somebody called about a monkey?
Oh, y'know what? That was a complete misunderstanding!
Yeah, we thought we had a monkey, but we-we didn't. Turned out it was a hat.
- Cat!
- Cat! What'm I saying? Cat!
Hi. We checked the third and fourth floor, no-one's seen Marcel.
- Marcel?
- My uncle Marcel.
Oh, is that who the monkey's named after?
Oookay. Are you aware that possession of an illegal exotic is, uh, punishable by up to two years in prison and confiscation of the animal?
Oh my God.
You'd put that poor little creature in jail?
Pheebs, you remember how we talked about saying things quietly to yourself first?
Yes, but there isn't always time!
Look. I'm sure there's some friendly way to reconcile this! Um, have a seat.
First of all, we haven't been introduced, I'm Monica Geller.
- Oh my God, you are! And you're Rachel Green!- Yeah!
Luisa Gianetti! Lincoln High?
I sat behind you guys in home room!
Luisa? Oh my God! Monica! It's Luisa!
- The Luisa from home room!
- Yes!!
You have no idea who I am, do you.
- No, none at all.
- None.
Well, maybe that's because you spent four years ignoring me.
I mean, would it have been so hard to say 'Morning, Luisa'? Or 'Nice overalls'?
Oh, I'm- I'm so sorry!
Ah, it's not so much you, you were fat, you had your own problems.
But you? What a bitch!
Be that as it may,
d'you think you could just help us out here on that monkey thing? Y'know, just for old times' sake?
Go Bobcats?
I could... but I won't.
If I find that monkey, he's mine.
Dun-dun-duuuur! Sorry.
- Marcel?
- Marcel?
Hi, can I help you?
Um, we're kind of having an emergency and we-we were looking for something...
- A monkey.
- Yes have you seen any?
No. No, haven't seen a monkey.
Do you know anything about fixing radiators?
Um, sure! Did you, uh, did you try turning the knob back the other way?
Of course.
Oh. Then, no.
Did I put too much rum in here?
Just a sec.
Oh, nononowaitwaitwaitnono! Uh... we may not know anything about radiators per se,
but we do have a certain amount of expertise in the heating and cooling... mileu.
Uh, aren't we kind of in the middle of something here?
Yes, but these women are very hot, and they need our help!
And they're very hot.
We can't, alright?
We're sorry. You have no idea how sorry, but...
We promised we'd find this monkey. If you see him, he's about yea high and answers to the name Marcel,
so if we could get some pictures of you, you'd really be helping us out.
Okay, from now on, you don't get to talk to other people.
- Marcel?
- Marcel?!
- Marcel?
- Marcel?
- Oh-my-God!
- Whaaat!
- Something just brushed up against my right leg!- What is it?
Oh, it's okay, it was just my left leg.
- Look, Phoebe!
- Yeah! Oh, c'mere, Marcel! Oh, Marcel, c'mere!
Step aside, ladies!
- What're you gonna do?
- Just a small tranquiliser.
Run, Marcel, run! Run, Marcel!
Are you okay?
- Yeah, think so. Oh! Huh. Whoah.
- Oh gosh.
- Marcel?
- Marcel?
Marc- oh, this is ridiculous! We've been all over the neighbourhood. He's gone, he's-he's just gone.
Ross, you don't know that.
Oh come on. It's cold, it's dark, he doesn't know the Village.
And now I have a broken foot.
I have no monkey, and a broken foot! Thank you very much.
Ross, I said I'm sorry like a million times. What do you want me to do?
You want me to break my foot too? Okay, I'm gonna break my foot, right here.
Ow!! Oh! Oh my God, oh my God! There, are you happy now?!
Yeah, yeah. Y'know, now that you kicked the sign,
hey! I don't miss Marcel any more!
Y'know, it is not like I did this on purpose.
Oh, no no no. Nono, this is just vintage Rachel.
I mean, things just sort of
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