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to me anyway. This way I can break 'em up with a movie.
Well, that just leaves the big Green poker machine, who owes fifteen...
Mmm-hmmm. Oh, so typical.
Ooo, I'm a man. Ooo, I have a penis. Ooo, I have to win money to exert my power over women.
You know what? This is not over. We will play you again,
and we will win, and you will lose, and you will beg, and we will laugh,
and we will take every last dime you have, and you will hate yourselves forever.
Hmm. Kinda stepped on my point there, Mon.
So, you gals wanna hand over your money now?
That way, we don't have to go through the formality of actually playing.
Ooooh, that's fine. We'll see who has the last laugh there, monkey boy.
OK, we done with the chit-chat? Are we ready to play some serious poker?
Hey you guys, look, the one-eyed jack follows me wherever I go.
Right, OK, serious poker.
Excuse me, where are you going?
Uh... to the bathroom.
Do you want to go to the bathroom, or do you wanna play poker?
I want to go to the bathroom.
Alright, well, I'm gonna order a pizza.
Oh no-no-no-no-no, I'm still waiting to hear from that joband the store closes at nine, so you can eat then.
That's fine. I'll just have a Tic-Tac to hold me over.
Alright, Cincinnati, no blinds, everybody ante.
.... or no.
Alright. Your money's mine, Green.
Your fly is open, Geller.
You guys, you know what I just realized?
'Joker' is 'poker' with a 'J.'
Hey, that's... that's 'joincidence' with a 'C'!
Uh... Phoebe? Phoebe?
Yeah. Um... I'm out.
I'm in.
Me too.
Me too. Alright, whattaya got.
Well, you better hop outta the shower, cause... I gotta flush.
Well, well, well, hop back in bucko, cause I got four sixes!
I won! I actually won! Oh my God! Y'know what?
I think I'm gonna make a little Ross pile.
I think that one was Ross's, and I think oh! that one was Ross's. Yes!
Well, I have got your money, and you'll never see it...
And your fly's still open...
Ha, I made you look....
- I couldn't be inner. Monica?
- Monica, in or out?
I hate this game!
OK Joey, your bet.
Ahhh, I fold like a cheap hooker who got hit in the stomach by a fat guy with sores on his face.
Oh, I'm out.
Oh, I am very in.
- Couldn't be more out.
- Me too. Rachel.
Uh, I will see you... and I'll raise you.
What do you say... want to waste another buck?
- No, not this time. So... what'd you have?
- I'm not telling.
- Come on, show them to me.
- No..!
- Show them to me!
- Get your hands out of there! No!
Y'know, I've had dates like this.
Boy, you really can't stand to lose, can you?
Your whole face is getting red... little veins popping out on your temple...
Plus that shirt doesn't really match those pants.
- First of all, I'm not losing...
- Oh, you are losing. Definitely losing.
- Hel-lo, Rachel Green.
- Mee mee, mee-mee mee.
Excuse me.
It's about the job.
Barbara! Hi, how are you?
No, I understand.
Yeah. Oh, oh, come on, no, I'm fine. Don't be silly.
Yeah... oh, but you know, if-if anything else opens up, plea?
- Sorry, Rach.
- Y'know, there's gonna be lots of other stuff.
Where were we?
Oh, OK... five card draw,
uh... jacks or better... nothing wild, everybody ante.
Look, Rachel, we don't have to do this.
Yes, we do.
Alright, check.
I'm in for fifty cents.
I'm in.
I see your fifty cents... and I raise you...
five dollars.
I thought, uh... it was a fifty cent limit.
Well, I just lost a job, and I'd like to raise the bet five bucks. Does anybody have a problem with that?
- Not at all
No, I fold.
What do you mean, you fold? Hey, come on! What is this? I thought that 'once the cards were dealt, I'm not a nice guy.'
I mean, what, were you just full of it?
I'm in.
How many you want?
Dealer takes two.
- What do you bet?
- I bet two dollars.
OK... see your two...
and I raise you twenty.
I see your twenty,
raise you twenty-five.
See your twenty-five...and..
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