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trying for two days.
When I called the restaurant, they said she was too busy to talk.
I can't believe she's blowin' me off.
- Hey.
- Oh!
Um you, you got a minute?
Um, yeah, I'm just...  ..working.
- So.
- Uh-huh.
Um, oh, I got you a birthday present.
Oh, wow! You remembered!
Oh! It's a Judy Jetson thermos!
- Right, like the kind you...
- Right
- Oh, I got something for you, too.
- How'd you know I was coming?
Um, yeah, um, twin thing.
I can't believe you did this.
I can't believe you.....did this.
So What's the deal with umm, you and Joey?
Oh, right. He is so great. But that's over.
- Does he know?
- Who?
Joey. You know, um, he's really nutsy about you.
He is? Why?
You got me.
Excuse me.Doesn't this come with a side salad?
So, um, are you gonna call him?
What? Do you think he likes me?
No, Joey.
No, no, he is so smart. He'll figure it out. Do you want some chicken?
No. No food with a face.
You have not changed!
Yeah, you too.
Hi, remember us?
Mmm hmmm.
Um, okay.You just called a little while ago about needing a signature on the admissions form.
Well, it turns out we need a whole new one
because uh, you see, I-I, I put the wrong name again.'causeum...
You're that stupid.
I am. I'm that stupid.
Yeah, and and, I'm just gonna pay for this with a check.
Well, you know your insurance will cover that.
Yeah, I know...  ..I'm I'm just not that bright either.
Okay, worst case scenario.
Say you never feel like a father.
Say your son never feels connected to you, as one.
Say all of his relationships are affected by this.
Do you have a point?
You know, you think I would.
What's up with the simian?
It's just a fur ball.
Okay...  ..whose turn is it?
Yours, I just got 43 points for 'KIDNEY'.
No, no, you got zero points for 'IDNEY'.
I had a 'K'. Where's where's my 'K'?
You've got to help me my monkey swallowed a 'K'!
You go get that animal outta here.
No, no you don't understand the animal hospital is way across town he'schoking I don't know what else to do.
What's goin' on?Marcel swallowed a Scrabble tile.
Excuse me This hospital is for people!
Lady, he is people.He has a name, okay?
He watches Jeopardy!He he touches himself when nobody's watching.
- Please, please have a heart!
- I'll take a look at him.
- Oh, thank you.
- Michael.    - Rachel.
- What?
- Monica.
- Oh.- Hi.    - Hi.
ah, what're you doing here?
I've been trying to call you.
Listen, um...
No, no, no, don't say "listen." I know that "listen."I've said that "listen."
I'm sorry.
I don't get it.What happened?What about everything you said under the bridge?
Yeah, um...
You know you, you should just forget about what I said under the bridge,
I was talkin' crazy that night, I was so drunk!
You don't drink.
That's right, I don't ..
But I was, I was drunk on you!
Oh, Urse...
Okay, yeah, so it's not gonna work.
Why?Is it because I'm friends with Phoebe?
If it was, would you stop hanging out with her?
No. No, I, I couldn't do that.
Um, then yes, it's 'cause of Phoebe!
So, you know, it's either her or me.
Then, uh, then I'm sorry.
You know...
You're gonna be really, really hard to get over.
I know...
I don't know whether it's just 'cause we're breakin' up or what,
but you have never looked so beautiful.
Yeah. Oooh...
He looks so tiny.
We just got the message.Is he alright?
Yeah. The doctor got the 'K' out.
He also found an 'M' and an 'O'.
We think he was trying to spell out 'MONKEY.'
Well, the doctor says he's gonna be fine, he's just sleeping now.
So, you feel like a dad yet?
No, why?
Hey, come on, you came through, you did what you had to do.
That is very dad.
Oh, look, he's waking up!
hey, fella! How you doing?
(Here it is!)
(Who ordered General Sal's chicken?)
(It could've been General Sal!)
(Look, look, Ugly Naked Guy is doing the hula!)
(hi, Joey! )
(hi, amigos!)
(Look, Ross, Marcel's got the remote.)
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