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they keep taking my scissors.
Ah, well, maybe that's, ah, because you're getting a big raise.
I am?
Sure, why not?
Oh my god!  You're amazing!
Oh, you don't know.
Helen, could you make surewe put through the paperwork on Miss Bookbinder's raise?
So you still want me to send her psychological profileto Personnel?
Helen drinks.  Will you marry me?
Well, I ended up telling her everything.
Oh, how'd she take it?
Pretty well.Except for the stapler thing.
if you're ever in a similar situation, never ever leave yourhand...  ..on the desk.
Okay, I think I get how to do this.
Alright, so, can we turn this off?Can we just make it make them goaway? Because I can't, I can't watch.
okay, Pheebs, they're gone.
Are you alright?
Yeah.It's just, you know, it's this whole stupid Ursulathing, it's...
Okay, Pheebs, can I ask?
So, he's going out with her.I mean, is itreally so terrible?
Um, yeah.
Look, I mean, I'm not saying she's like evil oranything.
She just, you know, she's always breaking my stuff.
When I was eight, and I wouldn't let her have my Judy Jetson thermos, so she threw it under the bus.
And then, oh, and then there was Randy Brown, who was like Have you ever had aboyfriend who was like your best friend?
Well, but that's what he was for me.
And she you know, kind of stole him away, and then broke his heart... and then he wouldn't even talk to me any more.
Because he said he didn't wanna be around anything that looked like either one of us.
Oh... Oh, Pheebs.
I mean, I know Joey is not my boyfriend, or my thermos, or anything, but
You're not gonna lose him.
Hon, you gotta talk to Joey.
Yeah. Okay.
No, come on, he doesn't know this stuff.If he knew how you felt.
But he's falling in love with her.
Oh please, they've been going out a week.They haven't even slepttogether yet, I mean, that's not serious.
Okay... Okay.
Oh, okay, oh.
Yeah, um, may we help you?
Rachel, what are you doing?It's freezing out here.Would you come back inside?
No no no no no.
You wanted me to take them down, so  I'm takin' 'em down.Okay?
Oh-my-god Rachel!  Rachel!
I'm okay!I'm okay!
Mr. Heckles, Mr. Heckles could you help me please?
See, this is just the kind of thing I was talking about.The One With Two Parts, Part 2
Excuse me, Miss. Hello, Miss?
It's Phoebe!
Okay, will that be all?
They're twins!
Phoebe's Phoebe. Ursula's... hot!
It's for Ursula.
Sure, yeah...okay, it fits.
Marcel, give Rossie the remote.
How did he do this?
It's this whole stupid Ursula thing
So, he's going out with her. I mean, is it really so terrible?
You don't know my sister.
You gotta talk to Joey.
He's falling in love with her.
You're not gonna lose him
They haven't even slept together yet, I mean, that's not serious.
Um, yeah, may we help you?
Rachel! Rachel!
I'm okay!  I'm okay!
Ow ow ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.
Uh, my friend here was taking down our Christmas lights,
and she fell off the balcony and may have broken her foot or or ankle or something.
My god. You still have your Christmas lights up?
Fill this out and bring it back to me.
Ow ow ow. Ow ow ow. Ow ow ow.
Okay, ooh, alright.
Name, address
Okay, in case of emergency, call?
Oh, that is so sweet.
Oh gosh, love you.
Oh, yeah, check it.Definitely, I want some of that.
you don't have insurance?
Why, how much is this gonna cost?
I have no idea, but X-rays alone could be a couple hundred dollars.
Wel-wel-well what are we gonna do?
Well there's not much we can do.
Um... unless, unless I use yours.
Hah, no no no no no no no no no no.
Well, now, wait a second, who did I just put asmy "In case of emergency" person?
That's insurance fraud.
Well, alright, then, forget it.
Might as well just go home.
Ow ow ow ow!Okay, okay.
I hate this.
Thank you. Thank you. I love you.
Hi, um, I'm gonna need a new set of these forms .
I am really an idiot.
You see, I was filling out my friend's
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