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Weekly Estimated Net...
Oh, Net Usage Statistics, right.
Gotcha, gotcha. Won't happen again. Iwouldn't want to do anything to hurt your "wenus."
It's not just that she's cute, okay.It's just that..
she's really really cute.
It doesn't matter.You don't dip your pen in the company ink.
Ross, your little creature's got the remote again.
Marcel, Marcel, give Rossie the remote.
Marcel, you give Rossie theremote right now
you give Rossie the remote...
Relax, I'll fix it.
Cool. "Urkel" in Spanish is"Urkel."
How did he do this?
So tell me something, is leaving theChristmas lights up part of your plan to keep us merry all year long?
Ah no, you see, someone was supposed to take them down around NewYear's... but obviously someone forgot.
Well, someone was supposed to write "Rach, take down thelights" and put it on the re frigerate...
How long has that been there?
Hey, where you been?
I went back to Riff's.I think Ursula likes me. All I ordered wascoffee, she brought me a tuna melt and fourplates of curly fries.
She is so hot!
Yeah, listen.Okay, before you do anything Joey-like, you might wanna runit by err...
You think it would be okay if I asked out your sister?
Why?Why would you wanna do that? Why?
So that if we went out on a date, she'd be there.
Well, I mean, I'm not my sister's, you know, whatever, and um
I mean, it's true, we were one egg, once, but err, you know, we've grown apart,
so, um... I don't know, why not? Okay.
Cool, thanks.
You okay?
Yeah I'm fine.
You wanna watch Laverne y Shirley?
Sorry I'm late. Where's, where's Carol?
Stuck at school.Some parent-teacher thing.
You can go. I'll get the information.
No No...
No. I think I should stay, I think we should both knowwhat's going on.
Oh, good. This'll be fun.
We're gonna start with some basic third stage breathingexercises, so Mummies, why don't you get on your back?
And coaches, you should besupporting Mummy's head.
What? What? What?
I am supposed to be the mommy?
Okay, I'm gonna play my sperm card one more time.
Look, I don't see why I should have to miss out on the coachingtraining just because I'm a woman.
I see. So what do you propose to do?
I will flip you for it.
Flip me for it?No, no, no heads, heads, heads!
On your back... Mom.
Alright, Mommies, take a nice deep cleansing breath.
Now imagine your vagina is opening like a flower.
Mr. D, how's it going, sir?
Ohh, it's been better.
The Annual Net Usage Statistics are in.
It's pretty ugly.
We haven't seen an ANUS this bad since theseventies.anus : ׹
So what does this mean?
Well, we're gonna be layin' off people in every department.
Hey, listen, I know I came in late last week, but I slept funny, and myhair was very very -
Not you. Relax.
Ever have to fire anyone?
Nina? Nina.
Are you okay?
Yes, yes I am.
Err, listen, the reason that Icalled you in here today was, err
please don't hate me.
Would you like to have dinner sometime?
So Pheebs, what do you want for your birthday?
Well, what I really want is for my mom to be alive and enjoy it with me.
Let me put it this way.
Anything from Crabtree and Evelyn?
Ooh! Bath salts would be nice.
Ooh, okay... good.
What is this place?
Look, you're cold, I have to pee, andthere's a cup of coffee on the window.How bad could it be?
I think we have an answer.
What's she doing here?
This could be God's way of telling us to eat at home.
Think she got fired at Riff's?
No, no, no.We were there last night. She kept..bringing swordfish.
are you gonna go to the, um?
I'm gonna wait till after we order.It's her, right.
It looks like her.
Um, excuse me.
Hi, it's us.
Right, and it's me.
So, so you're here too?
Much as you are.
Your turn.
Err... we know what we want.
Oh, that's good.
All we want is two Caffe Lattes.And some biscotti cookies.
Good choice.
Definitely her.Yeah.
I can't
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