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miss you too.
Yeah, it's a lot less satisfying to steal pensfrom your own home, you know?
Well, that's very generous  er, but look,
this isn't about the money.
I need something that's more than a job. I need something Ican really care about
And that's on top of the yearly bonus structure youmentioned earlier?
Look, Al, Al I'm not playing hardball here, OK?
This is not a negotiation,this is a rejection!
No! No! No, stop saying numbers! !
I'm telling you, you've got the wrong guy!You've got the wrong guy!
I'll see you onMonday!
Wow! It's huge!
It's so much bigger than the cubicle.
Oh, thisis a cube.
Look at this!
Oh! You have a window!
Yes indeedy!
With a beautiful view of
Oh look! That guy's peeing!
OK, that's enough of the view.
Check this out, look at this.
Sit down, sit down.OK.
This is great!
Helen, could youcome in here for a moment?
Thank you Helen, that'll be all.
Last time I do that, I promise.
Wendy, we had a deal!Yeah, you promised!
Wendy! Wendy! Wendy!
Who was that?
Wendy bailed. I have no waitress.
Oh... that's too bad.
Bye bye.
Ten dollars an hour.
Twelve dollars an hour.
Mon.I wish I could, but I've made plans to walk around.
You know, Rachel, when you ran out of your wedding, I was there for you.
I put a roof over your head, and if that means nothing to you
twenty dollars an hour.
Well hello!Welcome to Monica's.
May I take your coat?
Hi Steve!
Hello, Monica.
Hello, greeter girl.
This is Rachel.
Yeah, OK.
Mmmmmm! Everything smells so delicious!
You know, I can't remember a time I smelt such a delicious combination ofof,
OK, smells.
It's a lovely apartment.
Oh, thank you. Would you like a tour?
I was just being polite, but, alright.
What's up?
In the cab, on the way over,
Steve blazed up a doobie.
Smoked a joint?You know, lit a bone? Weed? Hemp? Ganja?
I'm with you, Cheech. OK.
Is it dry in here?
Let me, let me get you some wine!
OK, um,Yeah, I think we're ready for our first course.
these are rot-shrimp ravioli, and celantro pondou saucewith just a touch of mints...
and... ... ginger.
Well, smack my ass and call me Judy!
These are fantastic!
I'm so glad you liked them!
Like 'em?I could eat a hundred of them!
Oh, well um, that's all there are of these.
But in about eight and ahalf minutes, we'll be serving some delicious onion tartlets.
The word has lost all meaning.
Excuse me?Can I help you with anything?
You know, I don't know what I'm looking for.
Ah, cool!Taco shells!
You know, these are they're like a little corn envelope.
You know that? You don't wantto spoil your appetite.
Hey! Sugar-O's!
You know, if you just wait another six and a half minutes...
Macaroni and cheese!We gotta make this!
No, we don't.
OK. OK.Oh, sorry.
Why don't you just have a seat here?
OK give me the Gummi-bears.
Give them to me.
Alright, we'll share.
No, give me the...
Well then you can't have any.
Give them to me!
Bear overboard!I think he's drowning.
Hey fellows!Grab ona Sugar-O save yourself!
"Help!  I'm drowning!  Help!"
That's it! Dinner is over!
Why? It's just that I've waited seven years for an opportunity likethis, and you can't even wait four and a half minutes for a stupid onion tartlet?
What a tool!
You don't want to work for a guy like that.
Yeah! I know it's just...
I thought this was, you know... it.
Look, you'll get there.You're an amazing chef.
Yeah!You know all those yummy noises?
I wasn't faking.
So, er... how did it go with Celia?
Oh, I was unbelievable.
All right, Ross!
I was the James Michener of dirty talk.
It was the most elaborate filthyou have ever heard.
I mean, there were characters, plot lines, themes, a motif
at one point there were villagers.
Whoa! And the...  huh-huh?
Well, ahem you know, by the time we'd finished with all the dirty talk,it was kinda late and we were both kind of exhausted,
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