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you, that monkey is a chick magnet!
She's going to take one look at his furry, cute little face and it'll seal the deal.
Celia, don't worry!  Don't scream! He's not going to hurt you!
Soothing tones, Celia.
I can't stand this! He's got his claws in my
OK, try this salmon mousse.
Mmmm. Good.
Is it better than the other salmon mousse?
It's creamier.
Yeah, well, is that better?
I don't know.We're talking about whipped fish, Monica.
I'm just happy I'mkeeping it down, y'know?
My God!
What happened to you?
Eight and a half hours of aptitude tests, intelligence tests, personality tests and what do I learn?
You are ideally suited for a career in data processing for a large multinational corporation.
That's so great!'Cause you already know how to do that!
Can you believe it?
I mean, don't I seem like somebody who should be doing something really cool?
You know, I just always pictured myself doing something...
Oh Chandler, I know, I know... oh,hey!
You can see your nipples through this shirt!
Here you go, maybe this'll cheer you up.
Ooh, you know, I had a grape about five hours ago, so I'd better split this with you.
It's supposed to be that small.It's a pre-appetizer.
The French call itan amouz-bouche.
it is amouz-ing...
Hello?  Oh, hi Wendy!
Yeah, eight o'clock.
What did we say?Ten dollars an hour?
OK, great.
All right, I'll see you then. Bye.
Ten dollars an hour for what?
Oh, I asked one of the waitresses at work if she'd help me out.
Uh-oh. Well of course I thought of you!
But, but?
But, you see, it's just this night has to go just perfect, you know?
And, well, Wendy's more of a professional waitress.
Oh! I see.And I've sort of been maintaining my amateur status so that I can waitress in the Olympics.
You know, I don't mean to brag, but I waited tables at Innsbruck in '76.
Talk to me.
OK um,
A weird thing happened to me on the train this morning...
No no no.
Talk... dirty.
Wha... what, here?
Say something.....hot.
Er.... um.....
Alright, I panicked, alright?She took me by surprise.
You know, but itwasn't a total loss.
I mean, we ended up cuddling.
Whoaa!! You cuddled? How many times??
Shut up!it was nice.
I just I don't think I'm the dirty-talking kindof guy, you know?
What's the big deal?
You just say what you want to do to her.
Or what you want her to do to you.
Or what you think other people might be doing to each other.
I'll tell you what.
Just try something on me.
I'll tell you what.Just try something on me.
Please be kidding.
Why not?Come on!Just, just close your eyes and tell me what you'd liketo be doing right now.
OK.  I'm in my apartment...
....yeah... what else?
That's it.I'm in my apartment, you're not there, we're not having thisconversation.
Alright, look, I'll start, OK?
Joey, please.
Come on.Come on. Alright, ready, look!
Oh Ross.... you get me so hot.
I want your lips on me now.
Wow.Alright, now you say something.
I... ahem... I really don't think so.
Come on! You like this woman, right?
You want to see her again, right?
Well if you can't talk dirty to me, how're you going to talk dirty to her?
Now tell me you want to caress my butt!
OK, turn around.
I just don't want you staring atme when I'm doing this.
Alright, alright. I'm around. Go ahead.
Ahem I want....OK, I want to... feel your...hot, soft skin with my lips.
There you go!
Keep going. Keep going!
I want to take my tongue... and...
Say it...
say it!
run it all over your body until you're...
trembling with... with...
Funny story!You're not going to believe this!
It's OK.It's OK. I was always rooting for you two kids to gettogether.
Hey Chandler, while you were sleeping that guy from your old job calledagain.
And again, and again, and again
And again.
Hey Mr. Kostelic!How's life on the fifteenth floor?
Yeah, I
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