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sleeve length on you.
Well, Mr. Kostelick wants you to stop by his office at the end of the day.
Oh, listen.
If this is about those prank memos,
I had nothing to do with them.
Really. Nothing at all. Really. Nothing.
Hey you guys!
Chandler's coming and he says he has,
like, thisincredible news
so when he gets here, we could all act like, you know
Never mind.
But it was going to be really good.
What's going on?
What is it?
So, it's a typical day at work. I'm inputting my numbers, and big Al
calls me into his office and tells me he wants to make me processing supervisor.
That's great!
I quit.
Why? This was supposed to be a temp job!
Yeah, Chandler you've been there for five years.
If I took this promotion,it'd be like admitting that this is what I actually do.
So was it a lot more money?
It doesn't matter.
I just don't want to be one of those guys
that's in his office until twelve o'clock at night worrying about the WENUS.
... the WENUS?
Weekly Estimated Net Usage Systems.
A processing term.
Oh. That WENUS.
So what're you going to do?
I don't know.
That's the thing. I don't know what I want to do.
I just know I'm not going to figure it out working there.
Oooh! I have something you can do!
I have this new massage clientSteve?
Anyway, he's opening up a restaurant and he's looking for a head chef.
Um... hi there.
Oh, yeah, no, I know.You're a chef.
I know, and I thought of you first, but um, Chandler's the one who needs a job right now, so....
Yeah I just don't have that much cheffing experience. Unless it's an all-toast restaurant.
Yeah, yeah!
Well, what kind of food is he looking for?
Well, he wants to do some ecclectic,
so he's looking for someone who can, you know, create the entire menu.
Oh my God!
Yeah, I know!
So, what do you think?
Thanks, Phoebe.
But I just don't really see myself in a big white hat.
Oh Monica! Guess what!
Can you see my nipples through this shirt?
But don't worry, I'm sure they're still there.
Where are you going, Mr. Suity-Man?
Well, I have an appointment to see Dr. Robert Pillman, career counselor a-gogo.
I added the "a-gogo."
Career counselor?
Hey, you guys all know what you want to do.
I don't!
Hey, you guys in the living room all know what you want to do
You know, you have goals.
You have dreams. I don't have a dream.
Ah, the lesser-known "I don't have a dream" speech.
Oh, I love my life, I love my life!
Ooh! Brian's Song!
The meeting with the guy went great?
So great! He showed me where the restaurant's going to be.
It's this,it's this cute little place on 10th Street.Not too big, not too small. Just right.
Was it formerly owned by a blonde woman and some bears?
So anyway, I'm cooking dinner for him Monday night. You know, kind of like an audition.
And Phoebe, he really wants you to be here, which will be great for me
because then you can 'ooh' and 'ahh' and make yummy noises.
- What are you going to make?
- Yummy noises.
And Monica, what are you going to make?
I don't know.I don't know. It's just going to be so great!
Ooh!I know what you could make!  I know!
Oh, you should definitely make that thing you know, with the stuff?
You know, that thing with the stuff...?
OK, I don't know.
Hey guys, does anybody know a good date place in the neighborhood?
How about Tony's?If you can finish a 32-ounce steak, it's free.
OK, ahem, hey, does anybody know a good place if you're not dating a puma?
Who are you going out with?
- Oh, is this the bug lady?
- Bzzzz.... I love you, Ross.
Her name is Celia. She's not a bug lady.
She's curator of insects at the museum.
So what are you guys going to do?
Oh, I just thought we could go out to dinner,
and then maybe bring her back to my place and I'd introduce her to my monkey.
And he's not speaking metaphorically.
So back to your place...you thinking, maybe...huh-huh?
Well, I don't know  huh-huh....
but I'm hoping huh-huh.
I'm telling
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