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Pheebs, we're gonna catch that movie, we gotta get going.
Oh, okay. Feel better, Rachel, 'kay?Geez, we're gonna be late, sweetie...
Oh, okay.Listen, thanks for everything, Mon.
You're welcome.
Listen guys, it was great seeing you again.
Mon, um, easy on those cookies, okay?Remember, they're just food, they're not love.
Hate that guy! (Throws another cookie)
Night, you guys.
Oh look, it's the woman we ordered.
Hey. Can, uh, can we help you?
Oh, no thanks, I'm just waiting for, uh, Joey Tribbiani.
I'm Joey Tribbiani.
Oh no, not you, big Joey.
Oh my God, you're so much cuter than your pictures!
(Joey stares at her) I-I'm, I'm RonniCheese Nip?
Uh, Joey's having an embolism, but I'd go for a Nip, y'know?
Now, y'see, most people, when their pets pass on, they want 'em sorta laid out like they're sleeping.
But occasionally you get your person who wants them in a pose. Like, chasing their tail, (Demonstrates) or, uh, jumping to catch a frisbee.
Joey, if I go first, I wanna be looking for my keys.
That's a good one!Hey, Joe.
Dad, Ronni's here.Huh?Hi.Hey!
Hello, babe! Wh what're what're you doing here?
Oh, uh, well, you left your good hair at my apartment, I figured you'd need it tomorrow for your meeting.
Thank you. Uh...
So, who's up for a big game of Kerplunk?
Look, I uh, I shouldn'ta come.
I-I'd better get going, I don't wanna miss the last train.
I don't want you taking that thing.
Oh, where'm I gonna stay, here?Who-ah-ho.
We'll go to a hotel.
We'll go to a hotel.
No you won't.No we won't.
If you go to a hotel you'll bedoing stuff.I want you right here where I can keep an eye on you.
You're gonna keep an eye on us?
That's right, mister, and I don't care how old you are, as long as you're under my roof you're gonna live by my rules.
And that means no sleeping with your girlfriend.
Wow. He's strict.
Now dad, you'll be in my room, Ronni uh, you can stay in Chandler's room.
Thanks. You're, uh, you're a good kid.
C'mon, I'll show you to my room.
That sounds so weird when it's not followed by "No thanks, it's late."
Okay.Now this is just for tonight. Starting tomorrow, you gotta make a change. This has gone on long enough.
What kinda change?Well, either you break it off with Ronni
I can't do that!Then you gotta come clean with Ma!This is not right!
Yeah, but this isI don't wanna hear it!Now go to my room!
Hey, Kicky. What're you doing?
Just trying to get comfortable.I can't sleep in my underwear.
Well, you're gonna.
I've been thinking.Y'know, about how I'm always seeing girls on top of girls
Are they end to end, or tall like pancakes?
Y'know what I mean, about how I'm always going out with all these women.And I always figured, when the right one comes along, I'd be able to be a stand-up guy and go the distance, y'know?
Now I'm looking at my dad, thinkingHey, you're not him.
You're you. When they were all over you to go into your father's pipe-fitting business, did you cave?
You decided to go into the out-of-work actor business. Now that wasn't easy, but you did it!
And I'd like to believe that when the right woman comes along, you will have the courage and the guts to say "No thanks, I'm married."
You really think so?
Yeah. I really do.
Thanks, Chandler. (Snuggles up to him)
Get off!
Hi.Hi...May I help you?
Yeah, uh, Joey said I could use your shower, since, uh, Chandler's in ours?
Okay...who are you?
Oh, I'm Ronni.Ronni Rappelano?
The mistress?
Oh, c'mon in.Thanks.
Hi, I'm Rachel.Hi.
Bathroom's up there.Great.Hey, listen, Ronni, how long would you say Chandler's been in the shower?
Oh, like, uh, five minutes?Perfect.
Fasten your seatbelts, it's peepee time. (She goes into Joey and Chandler's apartment, where Mr. Tribbiani is reading the paper) Hey, Mr. Trib.
Hey. Morning, dear.Chandler Bing?It's time to see your thing.
What's the matter with you?!I thought it was Chandler!
What? What?
You were supposed to be in there so I could see your thing!
Sorry, my my
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