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typical. Y'know, we give, and we give, and we give. And then- we just get nothing back! And then one day, y'know, it's just, you wake up, and "See you around!" Let's go, Phoebe.
Y'know what? We thought you were different. But I guess it was just the coma.
Car's waiting downstairs, I just wanted to drop off these copies of my book for your friends. Anything you want from Lisbon?
No, just knowing you're gonna be there is enough.
Alright, well, be good, I love you.
You kissed my best Ross! ...Or something to that effect.
O-kay. Look, it, it was stupid.
Really stupid.
Really stupid. And I don't even know how it happened. I'm sorry, honey, I promise it will never happen again. Are we okay now?
Yeah. No. No...
Ah, the forbidden love of a man and his door.
Shh. He did it. He told her off, and not just about the kiss, about everything.
You're kidding.
No, no. He said "When are you gonna grow up and start being a mom?"
Then she came back with "The question is, when are you gonna grow up and realise I have a bomb?"
'Kay, wait a minute, are you sure she didn't say "When are you gonna grow up and realise I am your mom?"
That makes more sense.
So, what's going on now?
I dunno, I've been standing here spelling it out for you! I don't hear anything. Oh, wait, wait, wait.
Whaddya see?
Hard to tell, they're so tiny and upside-down. Wait, wait. They're walking away... they're walking away... No, no they're not, they're coming right at us! Run! Run!
You okay, kiddo?
Yeah, okay.
Nice save.
Mrs. Bing.
Mr. Geller.
You mean that?
Yeah, why not. So I told her.
Yeah? How'd it go?
Awful. Awful. Couldn'ta gone worse.
Well, howdya feel?
Pretty good! I told her.
Well, see? So, maybe it wasn't such a bad idea, y'know, me kissing your mom, uh? Huh? But.. we don't have to go down that road.
Okay. Now this is just the first chapter, and I want your absolute honest opinion. Oh, oh, and on page two, he's not 'reaching for her heaving beasts'.
What's a 'niffle'?
You usually find them on the 'heaving beasts'.
Alright, alright, so I'm not a great typist...
Wait, did you get to the part about his 'huge throbbing pens'? Tell ya, you don't wanna be around when he starts writing with those!
Alright, that's it! Give it back! That's it!
Nooo!No-no-no-no, we're done.
Aunt Syl, stop yelling! All I'm saying is that if you had told me vegetarian lasagna, I would have made vegetarian lasagna.
Well, the meat's only every third layer, maybe you could scrape.
Ross, did you really read all these baby books?
Yup! You could plunk me down in the middle of any woman's uterus, no compass, and I can find my way out of there like that!
Ooh, this is cool...it says in some parts of the world, people actually eat the placenta.
And, we're done with the yogurt.
Aunt Syl, I did this as a favor, I am not a caterer. What do you want me to do with a dozen lasagnas?
Nice talk, Aunt Syl. You kiss Uncle Freddie with that mouth?
Hey Ross, listen, you know that right now, your baby's only this big?
This is your baby. Hi Daddy!
How come you don't live with Mommy?
How come Mommy lives with that other lady?
What's a lesbian?
Honey, you can say it, Poconos, Poconos, it's like Poc-o-nos
Ah, poke a nose, mmm
Mma, Mma, Mmaah
So, did I hear Poconos?
Yes, my sister's giving us her place for the weekend.
Woo-hoo, first weekend away together!
Yeah, that's a big step.
I know...
Ah, it's just a weekend, big deal!
Wasn't this supposed to be just a fling, huh? Shouldn't it be...flung by now?
I mean, we are way past the fling thing, I mean, I am feeling things that I've only read about in Danielle Steele books, you know?
I mean, when I'm with him, I'm totally, totally...
...nauseous, I'm physically nauseous. What am I supposed to do, huh? Call immigration?
I could call immigration!
I love babies, with their little baby shoes, and their little baby toes, and their little baby hands...
Ok, you're going to have to
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