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- Morning, Paul.
- Hello, Paul.
- Hi, Paul, is it?
- Thank you!  Thank you so much!
- Stop!
No, I'm telling you last night was like umm,
all my birthdays, both graduations,
plus the barn raising scene in Witness.
We'll talk later.
Yeah. Thank you.
That wasn't a real date?!
What the hell do you do on a real date?
- Shut up, and put my table back.
- Okayyy!
All right, kids, I gotta get to work.
If I don't input those numbers,...
it doesn't make much of a difference...
So, like, you guys all have jobs?
Yeah, we all have jobs.
See, that's how we buy stuff.
Yeah, I'm an actor.
Wow! Would I have seen you in anything?
I doubt it. Mostly regional work.
Oh wait, wait, unless you happened to catch the Reruns' production of Pinocchio,
at the little theater in the park.
Look, it was a job all right?
'Look, Gippetto, I'm a real live boy.'
-  I will not take this abuse.
- You're right, I'm sorry.
"Once I was a wooden boy, a little wooden boy..."
You should both know, that he's a dead man.
Oh, Chandler?
So how you doing today?
Did you sleep okay? Talk to Barry?
I can't stop smiling.
I can see that. You look like you slept with a hanger in your mouth.
I know, he's just so, so...
Do you remember you and Tony DeMarco?
Oh, yeah.
Well, it's like that. With feelings.
- Oh wow. Are you in trouble.
- Big time!
Want a wedding dress?   Hardly used.
I think we are getting a little ahead of selves here.
Okay. Okay. I am just going to get up, go to work
and not think about him all day.
Or else I'm just gonna get up and go to work.
- Oh, look, wish me luck!
- What for?
I'm gonna go get one of those job things.
Hey, Monica!
Hey Frannie, welcome back! How was Florida?
You had sex, didn't you?
How do you do that?
Oh, I hate you, I'm pushing my Aunt Roz through Parrot Jungle and you're having sex!
So? Who?
You know Paul?
Paul the Wine Guy?
Oh yeah, I know Paul.
You mean you know Paul like I know Paul?
Are you kidding?
I take credit for Paul.
Y'know before me, there was no snap in his turtle for two years.
Of course it was a line!
Why?! Why? Why, why would anybody do something like that?
I assume we're looking for an answer more sophisticated
than 'to get you into bed'
I hate men!  I hate men!
Oh no, don't hate, you don't want to put that out into the universe.
Is it me?
Is it like I have some sort of beacon that only dogs and men with severe emotional problems can hear?
All right, c'mere, gimme your feet.
I just thought he was nice, y'know?
I can't believe you didn't know it was a line!
- Guess what?
- You got a job?
Are you kidding? I'm trained for nothing!
I was laughed out of twelve interviews today.
And yet you're surprisingly upbeat.
You would be too if you found John and David boots on sale, fifty percent off!
Oh, how well you know me...
They're my new 'I don't need a job, I don't need my parents, I've got great boots' boots!
How'd you pay for them?
Uh, credit card.
And who pays for that?
Um... my... father.
Oh God, come on you guys, is this really necessary?  I mean, I can stop charging anytime I want.
C'mon, you can't live off your parents your whole life.
I know that. That's why I was getting married.
Give her a break, it's hard being on your own for the first time.
Thank you.
You're welcome. I remember when I first came to this city.
I was fourteen. My mom had just killed herself and my step-dad was back in prison,
and I got here, and I didn't know anybody.
And I ended up living with this albino guy who was, like, cleaning windshields outside port authority, and then he killed himself,
and then I found aromatherapy. So believe me, I know exactly how you feel.
The word you're looking for is
All right, you ready?
No.  No, no, I'm not ready!  How can I be ready?
"Hey, Rach!  You ready to jump out the airplane without your parachute?"
Come on, I can't do this!
- You can, I know you can!
- I don't think so.
Come on, you made
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