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pressures of this holiday
desperate scramble to find anything with lips just so you can have someone to kiss when the ball drops!! Man, I'm talking loud!
Well, for your information, Paolo is gonna be in Rome this New Year, so I'll be just as pathetic as the rest of you.
Yeah, you wish!
It's just that I'm sick of being a victim of this Dick Clark holiday. I say this year, no dates, we make a pact. Just the six of us- dinner.
Yeah, okay. Alright.
Y'know, I was hoping for a little more enthusiasm.
Woooo! Yeah!
Phoebe, you're on.
Oh, oh, good.
Okay, hi. Ladies and gentlemen, back by popular demand, Miss Phoebe Buffay. Wooh!
Thanks, hi. Um, I wanna start with a song that means a lot to me this time of year.
I made a man with eyes of coalAnd a smile so bewitchin',
How was I supposed to knowThat my mom was dead in the kitchen?
...My mother's ashesEven her eyelashes
Are resting in a little yellow jar,
And sometimes when it's breezy...I feel a little sneezy..And now I-
Excuse me, excuse me! Yeah, noisy boys!
Is it something that you would like to share with the entire group?
No. No, that's- that's okay.
Well, c'mon, if it's important enough to discuss while I'm playing, then I assume it's important enough for everyone else to hear!
That guy's going home with a note!
Noth- I was- I was just saying to my-
Could you speak up please?
Sorry, I wa- I was just saying to my friend that I thought you were the most beautiful woman that I'd ever seen in my- in my life.
And then he said that- you said you thought
Daryl Hannah.
...was the most beautiful woman that he'd ever seen in his life and I said yeah, I liked her in Splash, a lot, but not so much in- in Wall Street, I thought she had kind of a
Hard quality.
-hard quality.
And uh, while Daryl Hannah is beautiful in a conventional way, you are luminous with a kind of a delicate grace.
Then, uh, that-that-that's when you started yelling.
Okay, we're gonna take a short break.
Hey, that guy's going home with more than a note!
Pheebs, I can't believe he hasn't kissed you yet. I mean God, by my sixth date with Paolo, I mean he had already named both my breasts!
Ooh. Did I just share too much?
Just a smidge
David's like, y'know, Scientist Guy. He's very methodical.
I think it's romantic.
Me too! Oh! Did you ever see An Officer and a Gentleman?
Well, he's kinda like the guy I went to see that with.
Except, except he-he's smarter, and gentler, and sweeter...
I just- I just wanna be with him all the time. Day and night, and night and day... and special occasions...
Wait a minute, wait a minute, I see where this is going, you're gonna ask him to New Year's, aren't you. You're gonna break the pact. She's gonna break the pact.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Yeah, could I just?
Yeah, 'cause I already asked Janice.
C'mon, this was a pact! This was your pact!
I snapped, okay? I couldn't handle the pressure and I snapped.
Yeah, but Janice? That-that was like the worst breakup in history!
I'm not saying it was a good idea, I'm saying I snapped!
Hi. Hi, sorry I'm late.
Too many jokes... must mock Joey!
Nice shoes, huh?
Aah, y'killing me!
Ross! He's playing with my spatulas again!
Okay, look, he's not gonna hurt them, right?
Do you always have to bring him here?
I didn't wanna leave him alone. Alright? We- we had our first fight this morning.
I think it has to do with my working late. I said some things that I didn't mean, and...
he- he threw some faeces...
Y'know, if you're gonna work late, I could look in on him for you.
Oh, that'd be great! Okay, but if you do, make sure it seems like you're there to see him, okay, and you're not like doing it as a favour to me.
Okay, but if he asks, I'm not going to lie.
...But, you can't actually test this theory, because today's particle accelerators are nowhere near powerful enough to simulate these conditions.
Okay, alright, I have a question, then.
Um, were you planning on kissing me ever?
Uh, that's
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