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celebrating Thanksgiving in December 'cause he is lunar.
So you're free Thursday, then.
Yeah. Oh, can I come?
Yeah. Rach, are you thinking you're gonna make it to Vail?
Absolutely. Shoop, shoop, shoop. Only a hundred and two dollars to go.
I thought it was $98.50.
Yeah, well it was. I, I broke a cup.
Well, I'm off to Carol's.
Ooh, ooh! Why don't we invite her?
Ooh, ooh. Because she's my ex-wife, and will probably want to bring her, ooh, ooh, lesbian life partner.
Hi, is uh, is Carol here?
No, she's at a faculty meeting.
Oh, I uh, just came by to pick up my skull. Well, not mine, but...Susan
Thanks. Yeah, Carol borrowed it for a class, and I have to get it back to the museum.
What's it look like?
Kinda like a big face without skin.
Yes, I'm familiar with the concept. We can just look for it.
Wow, you guys sure have a lot of books about bein' a lesbian.
Well, you know, you have to take a course. Otherwise, they don't let you do it.
Hey, hey, Yertle the Turtle. A classic.
Actually, I'm reading it to the baby.
The uh, the baby that hasn't been born yet? Wouldn't that mean you're... crazy?
What, you don't think they can hear sounds in there?
You're not serious, I mean, you really... you really talk to it?
Yeah, all the time. I want the baby to know my voice.
Do you uh, do you talk about me?
Yeah, yeah, all the time.
But um, we just refer to you as Bobo the Sperm Guy.
Look, if she's talking to it, I just think that I should get some belly time too.
Not that I believe any of this.
Oh, I believe it. I think the baby can totally hear everything.
I can show you. Look, this will seem a little weird, but you put your head inside this turkey, and then we'll all talk, and you'll hear everything we say.
I'd just like to say that I'm totally behind this experiment.
In fact, I'd very much like to butter your head.
Hey, Rach, did you make your money?
No, not even close. Forget Vail, forget seeing my family, forget shoop, shoop, shoop.
Rach, here's your mail.
Thanks, you can just put it on the table.
No, here's your mail.
Thanks, you can just put it on the table.
Would you just open it?
Oh my god, oh, you guys are great.
We all chipped in.
We did?
You owe me 20 bucks.
Thank you. Thank you so much!
Chandler, here you go, got your traditional Thanksgiving feast, you got your tomato soup, your grilled cheese fixin's, and your family size bag of Funyuns.
Wait, wait, Chandler, this is what you're havin' for Thanksgiving dinner? What, what, what is it with you and this holiday?
All right, I'm nine years old.
Oh, I hate this story.
We just finished this magnificent Thanksgiving dinner. I have--and I remember this part vividly--a mouthful of pumpkin pie,
and this is the moment my parents choose to tell me they're getting divorced.
Oh my god.
Yes. It's very difficult to appreciate a Thanksgiving dinner once you've seen it in reverse.
Uh, hi. We uh, we used to work together.
We did?
Yeah, at Macy's. You were the Obsession girl, right?
I was the Aramis guy. Aramis? Aramis?
Yeah, right.
I gotta tell you. You're the best in the business.
Get out.
I'm serious. You're amazing. You know when to spritz, when to lay back.
Really? You don't know what that means to me.
Ooh, you smell great tonight. What're you wearing?
Listen, uh, you wanna go get a drink or something?
Yeah. Oh.
What's wrong?
I just remembered, I have to do something.
Oh. What?
Um, leave.
Wait, wait, wait!
What Mario isn't telling you...V.D., you never know who might have it.
So I guess you all saw it.
Saw what?
No, we were just laughing. You know, how laughter can be infectious.
Set another place for Thanksgiving. My entire family thinks I have VD.
Tonight, on a very special Blossom.
Mmm, looking good. Ok, cider's mulling, turkey's turking, yams are yamming. What?
I don't know. It's just not the same without Mom in the kitchen.
All right, that's it. You know what? Just get out of my way and stop moping.
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