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sometime, thankyou, goodnight.
Hey! You're in a play! I didn't know you could dance! You had a beard!
Whadja think?
...Hey! You're in a play! I didn't know you could dance! You had a beard!
C'mon, you guys, it wasn't that bad. It was better than that thing I did with the trolls, at least you got to see my head.
Saw your head. Saw your head.
She said yes!! She said yes!!
Awful play, man. Whoah. Her name's Aurora, and she's Italian, and she pronounces my name 'Chand-lrr'.
'Chand-lrr'. I think I like it better that way. Oh, listen, the usher gave me this to give to you.
The Estelle Leonard Talent Agency. Wow, an agency left me its card! Maybe they wanna sign me!
Based on this play?
Based on this play!
Hey, kids.
No, 'cause this line is passion, and this is... just a line.
Well, I can't believe I've been here almost seven seconds and you haven't asked me how my date went.
Oh, right, right. How was your date, 'Chand-lrr'?
It was unbelievable. I-I've never met anyone like her. She's had the most amazing life! She was in the Israeli army...
...Luckily none of the bullets hit the engine block. So, we made it to the border, but just barely, and I ...
I've been talking about myself all night long, I'm sorry. What about you? Tell me one of your stories.
Alright. Once I got on the subway, right, and it was at night, and I rode it all the way to Brooklyn...
just for the hell of it.
We talked 'til like two. It was this perfect evening... more or less.
...All of a sudden we realised we were in Yammon.
Oh, I'm sorry, so 'we' is?
'We' would be me and Rick.
Who's Rick?
My husband.
Oh, so you're divorced?
Oh, I'm sorry, then you're widowed?...Hopefully?
No, I'm still married.
So tell me, how do- how do you think your husband would feel about you sitting here with me?
Sliding your foot so far up my pant leg you can count the change in my pocket?
Don't worry. I imagine he'd be okay with you because really, he's okay with Ethan.
Ethan? There's, there's an Ethan?
Mmmm... Ethan is my... boyfriend.
So explain something to me here, uh, what kind of a relationship do you imagine us having if you already have a husband and a boyfriend?
I suppose mainly sexual.
Oh. I'm sorry it didn't work out.
What 'not work out'? I'm seeing her again on Thursday. Didn't you listen to the story?
Didn't you listen to the story? This is twisted! How could you get involved with a woman like this?
Well, y'know, I had some trouble with it at first too, but the way I look at it is, I get all the good stuff all the fun, all the talking, all the sex;
and none of the responsibility.
I mean, this is every guy's fantasy!
Oh, yeah. That is not true. Ross, is this your fantasy?
No, of course not!
Yeah, yeah, it is.
So you guys don't mind going out with someone else who's going out with someone else?
I couldn't do it.
Good for you, Joey.
When I'm with a woman, I need to know that I'm going out with more people than she is.
Well, y'know, monogamy can be a, uh, tricky concept. I mean, anthropologically speaking-
Fine. Fine, alright, now you'll never know.
We're kidding. C'mon, tell us!
Alright. There's a theory, put forth by Richard Leakey-
Are we greeting each other this way now? 'Cause I like that.
Look! I cleaned! I did the windows, I did the floors...
I even used all the attachments on the vacuum, except that little round one with the bristles, I don't know what that's for.
Oh yeah, nobody knows. And we're not supposed to ask.
Well, whaddya think?
Very clean! It looks great! Terrific!
...Oh! I-I see you moved the green ottoman.
How-how did that happen?
I dunno.. I-I thought it looked better there. And I- and also, it's an extra seat around the coffee table.
Yeah, yeah, it's interesting..
but y'know what? Just for fun, let's see what it looked like in the old spot. Alright, just to compare.
Let's see. Well, it looks good there too. Let's just leave it
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