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never gotten a little rambunctious with Ross.
Joey, this is sick, it's disgusting, it's, it's?not really true, is it?
Well, who's to say what's true? I mean...
Oh my god, what were you thinking?
All right, look, I'm not proud of this, ok? Well, maybe I am a little.
I'm outta here.
Wait, wait, wait. You want him, I want her. He likes you.
I'm thinking, if we put our heads together, between the two of us, we can break them up.
I'm so sorry, I can't believe I did this, but I couldn't stop laughing at your Norman Mailer story.
Uh, waiter, one more plate of chicken wings over here.
Here's the thing, Janice. You know, I mean, it's like we're different. I'm like the bing, bing, bing. You're like the boom, boom, boom.
Oh, my god, I'm so sorry. Are you ok?
Ow. Um, it's just my lens. It's just my lens. I'll be right back.
I hit her in the eye! I hit her in the eye! This is the worst break-up in the history of the world.
Oh my god. How many of those have you had?
Oh, I don't know, a million?
Chandler, easy, easy. Go to your happy place. La la la la la la la.
I'm fine.
All right.
I'm not fine. Here she comes.
Wait here. Breathe.
How do you do that?
It's like a gift.
We should always always break up together.
Oh, I'd like that.
You got the clothes clean. Now that's the important part.
Oh, I guess. Except everything looks like jammies now.
Whoa, I'm sorry. Excuse me. We had this cart.
Yeah, well, I had a 24-inch waist. You lose things. Now come on, get outta my way.
I'm sorry, you know, maybe I wasn't being clear. Uh, this is our cart.
Hey, hey, hey there aren't any clothes in it.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, quit making up rules!
Let go!
All right, listen, missy. If you want this cart, you're gonna have to take me with it!
Yes! Did you see that?
You were incredible! Brand new woman, ladies and gentlemen.
I could not have done this without you.
Ok, um, uh, more clothes in the dryer? I'm fine, I'm fine.
Oh, are you sure you're ok?
Does it still hurt?
What a neat idea. All your clothes match. I'm gonna do this.
Hey, how'd it go?
We ripped that couple apart, and kept the pieces for ourselves.
What a beautiful story. Hey, I'm fine by the way.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Where's Chandler?
Oh, he needed some time to grieve.
I'm free! I'm free!
That oughta do it.Ooh! Look! Look! Look! Look, there's Joey's picture! This is so exciting!
You can always spot someone who's never seen one of his plays before. Notice, no fear, no sense of impending doom...
The exclamation point in the title scares me. Y'know, it's not just Freud, it's Freud!
Oh, shhh, shh. Magic is about to happen.
Vell, Eva, ve've done some excellent vork here, and I vould have to say, your pwoblem is qviiite clear.
... -_-;
God. I feel violated.
Did anybody else feel they just wanted to peel the skin off their body, to have something else to do?
Ross, ten o'clock.
Is it? Feels like two.
No, ten o'clock.
There's a beautiful woman at eight, nine, ten o'clock!
Oh. Hel-lo!
She's amazing! She makes the women that I dream about look like short, fat, bald men!
Well, go over to her! She's not with anyone.
Oh yeah, and what would my opening line be? 'Excuse me. Blarrglarrghh.'
Oh, c'mon. She's a person, you can do it!
Oh please, could she be more out of my league? Ross, back me up here.
He could never get a woman like that in a million years.
Thank you, buddy.
Oh, oh, but y'know, you always see these really beautiful women with these really nothing guys, you could be one of those guys.
You could do that!
Oh God, I can't believe I'm even considering this... I'm very very aware of my tongue...
C'mon! C'mon!
Here goes.
Hi.... um... okay, next word... would be...
Chandler! Chandler is my name, and, uh... hi.
Yes, you said that.
Yes, yes I did, but what I didn't say was what I was about to say, what I wanted to say was, uh...
would you like to go out with me
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