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Unfortunately, I don't see suds.
No suds, no save. Ok?
What's goin' on?
Hi, uh, nothing.
That horrible woman just took my machine.
Was your basket on top?
Yeah, but, there were no suds.
Well, you know, no suds, no save.
No suds? Excuse me, hold on a second. That's my friend's machine.
Hey, hey, hey, her stuff wasn't in it.
Hey, hey, hey, that's not the rule and you know it.
All right, show's over.
Nothing to see here. Ok, let's do laundry.
That was amazing. I can't even send back soup.
Well, that's because you're such a sweet, gentle,
uh...Do you, uh, do you...Oh, hey, uh you must need detergent.
What's that?
Uberveiss. It's new, it's German, it's extra-tough.
Rach, do you uh, are you gonna separate those?
Oh god. Oh, am I being like a total laundry spaz? I mean, am I supposed to use like one machine for shirts and another machine for pants?
Rach, have you never done this before?
Well, not myself, but I know other people that have.
Ok, you caught me. I'm a laundry virgin.
Uh, well, don't worry, I'll use the gentle cycle.
Ok, um, basically you wanna use one machine for all your whites,
a whole another machine for colors, and a third for your uh, your uh,
delicates, and that would be your bras and your under-panty things.
Ok, Well, what about these are white cotton panties. Would they go with whites or delicates?
Uh, that, that, that would be a judgment call.
He is so cute.
So, where did you guys grow up?
Brooklyn Heights.
How, how did that happen?
Oh my god.
I suddenly had the feeling that I was falling. But I'm not.
So, you and Angela, huh?
Yep. Pretty much.
You're a lucky man. You know what I miss the most about her?
That cute nibbly noise when she eats. Like a happy little squirrel, or a weasel.
Huh, I never really noticed.
Oh, yeah, yeah, listen for it.
Monica, Monica is great.
Yeah, but it's not gonna last.
She's too much for me in bed. Sexually.
I've gotta tell you, Bob is terrific.
Yeah, isn't he?
It is so great to meet a guy who is smart and funny, and has an emotional age beyond, like eight.
You know what else? He's unbelievable in bed.
Wow. My brother never even told me when he lost his virginity.
Huh. That's nice.
Ok, you can do this. It's just like pulling off a Band-aid. Just do it really fast, and then the wound is exposed.
Hi, Janice.
Ok, here we go. I don't think we should go out anymore. Janice.
All right. Well, there you go. Stop it, stop it, stop it.
Ok, I know this is gonna sound really stupid, but I feel that if I can do this,
you know, if I can actually do my own laundry, there isn't anything I can't do.
That does not sound stupid to me. You know, it's like the first time I had to make dinner for myself, after Carol left me?
I'm sorry, that's all the time we have. Next on Ross...Uh-oh.
What uh-oh?
Uh-oh, uh-oh, the laundry's done.
It's, uh, it's a song. The laundry song that we sing.
Uh-oh the laundry's done, uh-oh, uh-oh.
Ross, what's the matter?
Nothing, nothing. Lee-lo, the laundry's done.
Come on, show me.
All right, all right, it's just that you left a red sock in with all your whites, and now, everything's kinda pink.
Oh, everything's pink.
Yeah, uh, except for the red sock, which is still red.
I'm sorry, please don't be upset, it could happen to anyone.
Except it didn't. It happened to me. Oh, god, I'm gonna look like a big marshmallow peep.
What am I doing? What am I doing? My father's right. I can't live on my own! I can't even do laundry!
Something went wrong with Underdog, and they couldn't get his head to inflate.
So anyway, um, his head is like flopping down Broadway, right, and I'm just thinking...
how inappropriate this is. Um, I've got something in my eye, uh, Joey, could we check it in the light, please?
Oh my god.
Hello! Were we at the same table? It's like... cocktails in Appalachia.
Come on, they're close.
Close? She's got her tongue in his ear.
Oh, like you've
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