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Help yourself. I'll go and see what
he wants.
Turn out that witch.
Are you crazy? She's treating me.
She'll make it a habit coming here.
We won't be able to drive her out.
Hush. Don't shame us.
She'll spend the night and go away.
- Drive her out now!
- Shut up, you brute!
I wish I've never met you,
My darling!
You've become my fate and my ruin.
You're making me burn in hell,
Of my torment building a storm.
By the fire of my suffering,
You keep your hands warm.
What to do? From the burden
of my passion how to break free?
Rustaveli is no more here.
Who will understand me?
Elioz, is that you?
Is that you, Elioz?
Yes, yes, it's me.
- Looking for the magic tree?
- Yes, I am.
- Waiting for the sky to open up?
- Of course.
- Are you going to sit here all night?
- I must.
- What if you fall?
- I won't.
It's so cold, you'll freeze.
I can stand it. Every rose has its
Help you God.
Mother of God, our protectress.
There's no one to take care
of my son now.
Where's he? In what part of the world?
Is he alive or dead?
Why don't your mother's eyes
see you, son?
The sun has grown dim for me.
May the home of your enemy
turn to dust,
may his path get shrouded in darkness.
Please, hear me, Mother of God.
You're a mother, too.
I pray to you, give me back
my only son,
my Gedya.
Lift it.
Lift it.
The mule hasn't been shoed.
Don't walk him over rocks.
Tighten it a bit.
Fix it well.
Hurry up.
You could at least look out.
A bird's flown in!
To hell with it!
Don't kill it! Don't kill!
I'll get back and cheer you up.
Chirping and chirping, bastards!
What happened?
I'm carrying Elioz, Father. He looked
for the magic tree and got frozen.
You don't say!
He picked a beautiful tree,
all covered with hoarfrost.
It looked lovely, you just couldn't
take your eyes off it.
He sat down beneath it and froze
to death.
What did he want, the wretch?
Seeking the magic tree all his life.
A crank of a man. Why couldn't he
live like everybody else?
Let him look for it in the other world
- Where are you going?
- To the funeral repast.
Come soon, spring.
I'm tired of the cold.
I'm yearning for the greens and
the light.
Please, come soon, spring.
Let the sun warm me up.
It's me, Gedya.
You alive, Gedya? You've come to me?
You're alive...
Did you come to me?
Perhaps I'm dreaming you, Gedya?
I'd rather die than live like that.
Something's happening to me.
I hear nothing: Neither the birds
singing, nor the leaves rustling.
I'm afraid of everything.
I feel like someone's watching me
day and night.
I couldn't not come.
Go away.
Go away, Gedya.
Go away, go away... go away.
Tsitsikore, you damned law-abider!
Is that yourjustice?
I wish you were judged by such truth!
The world is not blind.
The fence here has ears,
the walls have eyes.
That mangy sheep has put to shame
all of us.
May you die, shameless woman!
Give it to her! It serves her right!
Very good!
What are you doing, people?
Are you Christians or not?
Come out, everybody! Look!
We won't let anyone disgrace our
Tsitsikore, you devil's breed!
Holy Father, are you human?
You should be put on the guillotine,
to cut your dumb heads off!
Such cruelty...
Who gave you the right?
Who appointed you our shepherd?
- What happened?
- They've put Marita on the mule.
No, it can't be.
I'm scared. Will you cry over me
when I die?
You'll have me buried first.
No, Ninore, but will you
cry over me?
And let your hair out,
and scratch your cheeks...
I'm so Ionely, I have no one in
this world.
I have never had anyone
except my late mother.
And I've never had Shiola...
I made it all up.
Last spring I went to look at
the place where Marita used to live.
Everything around has withered,
and there was silence.
Where the house had been, there were
ruins, with no trees left.
And only at the place of the former

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