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Is he a ghost?
Hurry up.
He's got a heavy hand.
God bless you, Okhrokhine!
Look, people, Father has cured my son!
I told you he'd hit you back.
You mean because of one slap
he's supposed to kill me?
Have they all gone mad?
O God, have mercy.
Close your eyes.
Listen, you!
I'm coming, Uncle Tsitsikore.
I'm listening.
It's not becoming a young woman
to behave in such a way.
What is it?
A woman should walk
with downcast eyes,
modestly and noiselessly, like
a light wind.
And you're ogling at everyone.
You must know your own worth.
Not to be chummy with everyone.
Aren't there enough worthy people
in the world?
And who's worthy of me in our village?
Help, Tsitsikore.
He's got dumbfounded again.
Slap him just once.
Leave me alone!
Is it very much to ask? Hit him.
Rub it with the twig broom.
With the twig broom.
Oh, how hot it is!
I've always told the truth
and I'm not going to hide anything.
I wanted to see her, and there's no
better place for it.
I bless you and your granddaughter.
I came to look at your girl.
Come and look.
Straighten up, girl. Stand straight.
Phooey, you're so plain-Iooking.
Doesn't Shete deserve
a beautiful bride?
Of course he does.
One can't hide it...
her legs are thin and weak.
But her face and her breast...
They'll complement each other
like Adam and Eve.
Why don't you say something?
I have nothing against it.
There're so few Georgians
in the world.
Therefore we must protect and enhance
everything that is good and purebred.
And for this we need good soil.
Shete's family will be exactly
such soil for Marita.
We know, Uncle Tsitsikore.
We know all that.
Only Gedya and Marita are in love
with each other.
I'm afraid of taking a sin upon my
Gedya is a good boy, yet he's poor,
he has no means.
He can't provide a good life
for your girl.
Money can't buy happiness.
I've had more than my share of
after I lost my daughter...
We've gone through very hard times.
If you wish good for your country,
marry off Marita to Shete.
- I'm not against it, but...
- Then let's give our blessing to it.
- Yes, yes, let's bless it.
- Let's bless it.
What's the matter?
What happened?
Tsitsikore came to our house.
They sat down and decided to give
Marita to Shete.
Nobody even asked me,
as if I'm a thing.
Your father, too?
Don't meddle in!
There're three things nonexistent in
the world: A stairway into the sky,
a bridge across the sea,
and justice.
Remember that, young people.
They've sold the sun-faced Tamar!
They've sold her!
Sold her for red banknotes!
Tsitsikore, you damned law-abider!
Our father and teacher!
How can you live by that truth?
They've sold Saint Mary the Virgin!
God's servant Shiola plights his troth
to God's servant Pupala.
Pupal! Pupal! Pupal!
May you never be happy!
Uncle loram, it's coming, it's coming!
I hear it booming.
- Who's coming?
- The hurricane.
Of course, it cannot but come.
Get up! Let's go!
Soon, soon it will bloom,
Come on, rise, the worker!
And your work will be rewarded,
Don't sleep, the worker.
And the sun will chase the gloom,
The night's dark will be broken...
Hush, whispering tongue,
blabbering tongue, punching tongue,
bludgeon tongue, hammer tongue,
rivet tongue.
Leave the body, all filth,
leave the body, all illness...
You feel better?
Yes, better, Pupala.
Oh, what a fine doctor
you would make!
Cook a crow, so that
all steam would stay in it.
Drink the broth. Dry the scorpion's
blood and take it on an empty stomach.
Mix the oak sap and the hawk's fat
with the deer lard and drink it.
You'll see your pain gone.
May you be happy, Pupala.
Oh, Shiola has taken my happiness
with him.
He was a radiant man.
The pride and beauty of the world.
How could you endure all that?
Oh, my dear, it was 40 years ago
when he loved me.
Why do you need that love, then?
It was buried long ago.
Love never dies, Ninore.
Hey, wife!


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