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Come on, close your eyes again.
They're so pretty...
- Is this for me?
- Yes, for you.
I used to bring my horse Tetra here,
You know, everything around us
is alive.
Everything has a soul. The dew on
the grass is the earth's tears.
The earth can laugh, too.
In spring it laughs with flowers,
and the sky laughs with stars.
Where a mother's tear falls,
a violet will grow.
Do you know what the sun says when
roses blossom out in the morning?
And I know.
- Maybe you're a piece of the sun too?
- What would you think?
The eagle stole your slippers.
See this cauldron?
As soon as the water starts boiling,
the steam will press on the lid,
the lid will rise,
set the belts in motion,
and then...
Line after me.
When the railway
comes to our land,
the whole country will blossom and
there will be plenty of everything.
You will go to the city to study
and come back educated people.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself,
you rebel?
Why do you put a lot of nonsense into
the kids' heads? Stop your fooling.
You think the train will bring
Won't the air become foul
when the train comes here?
Won't the bread and grapes go sour?
Won't people lose their conscience?
Won't a woman be afraid
to walk alone on the road?No, we're the people that
produce bread and wine.
Let's be careful lest we
grab the devil by the horns.
We'd better look after them.
Oh, the world, the people!
Ioram, come here.
Uncle loram, the train's broken down.
Roar, the thunder!
Sparkle, the lightning!
Split open, the sky, and fall down
on the earth!
How fresh is the air to breathe!
How my heart is rejoicing!
Roar, the thunder!
Sparkle, the lightning!
Split open, the sky, and fall down
on the earth!
Wipe off all the scum!
Cleanse the earth and the air!
Break the enemy's backbone!
Crush his jaws!
Let me feel the real life!
The storm of liberation, come and
soar high!
Destroy the wretched reality!
The decayed world must be destroyed!
We must knock the Black Sea
and the Caspian together.
I'm willing to be the first to take
a fight for the freedom of mankind.
Oh, God,
help my father to find the magic tree.
I'm begging you.
Put it on.
- Did the chicken lay a golden egg?
- It will.
Of course it will.
It will certainly do. The day after
Bring me the binoculars.
Give me my bag.
Look after the kids.
And after the chicken, too.
- Will you be back soon, Daddy?
- Yes, soon.
As soon as I find the magic tree.
Now, begin.
O Lord, save our Daddy.
Bring him luck.
O Lord, save our Daddy...
Away, you devil!
Our land is beautiful and abundant,
generously endowed with
every God-given gift.
Listen to me, young men.
Forgetting your past
is the first sign of the decline of
a nation.
The people is the past and the present.
The present and the past.
Our ancestors were known for
great industriousness.
Look around you: All the stones are
cut or adorned with an ornament.
There's not a hill in Georgia
that wouldn't have a church,
a fortress turret or a castle.
There's been much sweat shed here.
It flew here by itself.
Hupermextra helios,
that is butterfly.
We'll talk about that later.
Hupermextra helios.
Yes, there's been much sweat shed
We must always remember that.
Let us touch and pay homage to
the sacred marks
of the hardworking hands of our
And remember, children,
there's only one Georgia in the world...
and she's ours.
Take your caps off.
He's absolutely crazy.
Help me, Father, help, for God's sake.
What do you want?
Slap my boy.
I'm not going to let you be.
Go away, I said!
Don't you see my hands are busy?
Slap with what? With my foot?
I've brought you a chicken.
I'm not asking it for free.
Come here, boy. Hold this stone.
Give me the chicken.
Raise your head.
Don't hit him, he'll hit you back.
What are you doing?
I told you, he always hits back.
That's what you get for doing good
to people.
Away, away!

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