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's papila".
- Hello, Elioz.
- Hello, Chachika.
- You've come for good?
- Yes, for good.
I marked a year since my wife died,
took my daughter and came here.
Who can look after her better than
her grandmother?
- You're right.
- Digging a well?
No, not a well.
- Searching for the magic stone.
- Magic stone?
Has the sun come down to the earth?
Stop torturing him, Gedya.
Go home, son,
before he breaks your neck.
Leave him alone.
Snow! It's snowing!
It's snowing!
We're here, Grandma!
Thank God!
My baby,
my precious child.
The joy of my life.
My dear hands, my little fingers,
my eyes.
My poor orphan.
Hello, son.
Come in the house.
Come on, my dear orphans.
Let me go, let go.
I'm looking at you, melting
like pig's lard, and dreaming,
dreaming that you'll be mine, child,
my pretty lamb.
Oh, what is this?
How beautiful!
How can that cannibal Okhrokhine know
that man is not a "homo sapiens",
but a "homo moralis"?
You're an apostate, evildoer and
- Here's the stone.
- Get up, you wretch!
This is it,
the sacred stone emanating light
and warmth...
What are you nosing out there? What?
The sovereign, precious stone,
sanctified by the hand of the great
Notwithstanding my double
pleurisy, you're a scoundrel!
The destroyer of Georgia!
Children, take the stone back
to its sacred place.
Come here, Judas Iscariot.
What are you doing? What?
Destroying my home?
Get away, Pharisee!
You traitor! You leech!
Just try and touch
that sacred stone!
Don't come near or I'll shoot!
He's crazy, son of a bitch!
Look at this one, drunk as a pig.
He's crazy himself and he's
driving the children crazy.
Down with the tsar! Down with
the police! Down with the priests!
Long live freedom, equality
and brotherhood!
I can't wait to see your shaggy
head on the guillotine.
Look at her.
Recognize her? Now away with you,
Did you see him disappear?
No, he's not crazy.
He makes bombs in his barn at night.
If it were not for you, he would've
blown up the village long ago.
Why are you so devilishly beautiful?
Come on, have pity on me.
Come to me.
Hey, girl!
My child, my daughter.
Daughter of a bitch!
Have mercy, O God!
You don't walk, you flutter,
my birdie.
Don't be sad, maidens,
Mother, don't grieve anymore,
Farewell, our dears,
We're going to war.
Hello, Uncle Ipro.
Give us your blessing, we've been
called up, Uncle Ipro.
Drink to our health.
Be strong, boys, go with a song.
And remember, the bullet fears
the brave. May you win!
Thank you. Take care.
Girls, give us
at least one kiss.
We're going to war, we may not
let me kiss you at least once.
Be so kind, let me kiss you.
Look at Nargiza. It's the 10th time
today that she comes for water.
Look at her wiggling her ass.
And it's not only Father.
Every lad knows that she has
a birthmark under her left breast.
Why is she dragging that poor boy?
What else can she do, the hapless one?
- Hello, neighbors.
- Hello, Marusi.
She must have come to the fortune
The fortuneteller can't help the boy.
His medicine is Nargiza.
I have no need for you.
- Isn't that Gulizari's son?
- That's him, that's Shete.
Too bad such a boy
is still unmarried.
Hiding from the sun?
Afraid of getting a tan?
Go to hell, little devil.
May the earth swallow you!
Motley moth!
There're so many vicious people
in this world.
How's your Shiola doing? Are you
getting married?
Come... come, don't be afraid.
Come here, I'll give you something.
Here's a candy.
Sit down.
Here, eat it.
Give me a cucumber.
What's your name?
Georgy. And Batula, too.
- And your last name?
- Leonidze.
Why are you teasing me?
Did I do you any wrong?
Why do you make me curse you?
Come on, why are you listening to her?
Let her talk, it won't make her beak
fall off.
You little rascal!
It must be hiding on the bottom.
- Looking for a golden fish?
- Of course.
Aren't you afraid of snakes?

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