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and friendless tide has found you #
# Don't let the stormy
darkness pull you down #
# I'll paint a ray of hope around you #
# Circling in the air #
# Lighted by a prayer #
# I'll be your candle on the water #
#This flame inside of me will grow #
# Keep holding on, you'll make it #
# Here's my hand so take it #
# Look for me reaching out to show #
# As sure as rivers flow #
# I'll never let you go #
# I'll never let you go #
# I'll never let you go... #
Hi, Elliott! How do you like my new suit?
And new shoes too.
Look at the way they shine!
Nora's so nice to me, I want
us to do something for her.
I want you to concentrate
on finding Paul for Nora.
This is what he looks like.
Remember his face. Try real hard.
Better go now.
See ya tomorrow.
I've had nothing, nothing
but bad luck in this burg.
Hey! Ooh...
- I'm sorry, Doc.
- You see what I mean, hmm?
Doc, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it, Hoagy.
- Can I buy everybody a round?
- Yeah.
Huh? Well... Hey, 'cause,
Doc, I gotta talk to you. Okay?
- Sit down.
- May I? Thank you.
Hey, you're a ma... You're
a man of science, ain't you?
A man of science, yes. Yes, I am.
With degrees from the Royal
Medical College, London.
- Huh?
- The Gleinen Einen Peitzen in Vienna.
- Oh!
- And the Moulin Rouge in Paris.
Oh. You know anything about dragons?
Of course I do. I see them in all the
big cities going down the streets...
with that funny little walk, wearing
bright colors, fluttering around...
No, no, no. I'm talkin' about a real dragon.
Real dragon. With fire...
fire coming out of his mouth.
And he's got real wings.
Uh, you need a veterinarian. Hmm?
- Why do you ask?
- I saw one.
Is it sitting at the next table? Hmm?
I tell ya, I saw a real
dragon yesterday afternoon.
He's owned... Owned by a young boy...
...by the name of Pete.
You are trying to tell me
that there is a dragon here...
- In Passamacracka? Yeah.
- "Quoddy. "
- Yes.
- I told you this was a rotten town.
Well, in my educated opinion, sir...
- I think you've been up in your lighthouse too long.
- Huh?
Wait. Wait, listen. What if
what I just told you was true?
In my scientific opinion,
the existence of a dragon...
would have an impact of gigantic proportions.
Mythology and legend would
become history and science.
- One could really make a quick buck with it.
- Well, I can prove it.
I can prove it! H
- His name is Elliott.
- He's downstairs. You could go and see him right now.
Unfortunately, I cannot make it right now.
I have an appointment with a young lady
who's interested in a nursing career.
- Oh. Oh.
- I wanna see it.
- You wanna see it? Well, see it you shall!
- Okay.
But first first let's have a quick one.
Because... of the rocks we have to climb.
And the dragon the dragon is scary.
Ok! We'll have one for your rocks.
And one for the scary.
- "Quoddy. " hmm?...
I tell you that he's in there.
- Are you convinced?
- Absolutely.
- Well, let's get outta here.
- Wait a minute.
- Wait a minute. Wait a
mi... - I-I want to pet him.
Huh? You wa...
You want to pet him?
Are you crazy?
I know you ain't drunk.
No matter what you see in here...
...don't get scared.
Hey, I might as well tell you straight off...
...you're gonna see a hideous monster.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, yes.
And it's big.
Fifty feet of terror!
Claws! Claws so sharp they
could tear a man to shreds.
Eyes, evil eyes...
...that can see right through ya.
And a tail that's so big and powerful...
...it could destroy the hull of a frigate!
It can wipe out an entire crew...
with one swish of his tail.
Face... Face so terrible...
...it could turn a man to stone...
...a hero into a coward.
A flame so hot...
...it could roast a turkey!
And a mouth so terrible...
...it could devour a man
and... spit him 20 leagues.
Stay close.
g-g-g-got m-me.
Look at it!
Them eyes are lookin' right through us.
Look, don't ever let a dragon know

- '

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