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Grunting, Groaning]
- [Ma] Let him keep the brat!
Come on! Get in the wagon!
Wait! Wait for us!
[Elliott Howling]
Aaah! Doh!
Hoagy, get me down!
We've gotta do something!
That dragon's gonna get away!
Where is he? Where is he?
Elliott! Wait!
Wait, Elliott!
I wanna make a deal with ya.
To buy up all your
used and spare parts,
you know, like a hangnail,
or if you shed your skin,
or if your hair falls out,
I'll pay you top dollar!
Whas the matter with you?
Don't you have any business sense?
- Don't shout!
- Elliott! Elliott!
He's gonna eat us up!
[Wagon Crashing]
...in the street.
Quite a storm here.
Wait a minute.
Watch those stairs.
- [Gasping]
- [Electricity Crackling]
Oh, look!
Th-Th-There really
is a dragon!
Yes, and he saved us!
- Dragon!
- A dragon! A real dragon!
- Attaboy, Elliott.
- [Muttering]
[Clicking Tongue]
That ship's headed
for the reef!
Go down and sound
the foghorn!
[Foghorn Blowing]
Elliott, quick! Quick!
[Foghorn Blowing]
[Ship Creaking]
Nora, let me have the light
so I can see what I'm doing.
[Foghorn Blowing]
Come on, Elliott.
You can do it.
- [Foghorn Blowing]
- I got it!
Come on, Elliott.
- [Foghorn Blowing]
- Come on, Elliott!
Whas the matter?
Everything is wet in here,
thas whas the matter!
- Don't worry, Lampie. Elliott came.
- Elliott?
Thas all I need is
a dragon in here. Ah!
Get him outta here!
Start your burner, Elliott.
Light the wick.
- [Clicking Tongue]
- All right, Elliott. Go ahead. Light it.
Now, Elliott! Now!
All right.
Where's the fire?
- [Groaning]
- Whas the matter?
[Gibberish, Sputtering]
- He's all squished up in the stairs.
- [Foghorn Blowing]
- [Foghorn Blowing]
- [Elliott Blowing]
- El-Elliott?
- [Gibberish]
He's real.
He's really real.
Clicking Tongue]
- Of course he is.
He's gonna light the wick.
- Can he do it?
Can he? He can throw a flame clear
across to Bar Harbor...
if he can get
his own burner goin'!
- Come on, Elliott!
- [Whining]
- Go on!
Come on, Elliott!
Come on!
Blow, Elliott!
[Drawing A Deep Breath]
- Wow! [Panting]
- [Pete] Elliott, you did it!
Clicking Tongue]
Look there!
That means the harbor
is dead ahead, Captain!
Hard right rudder!
Elliott, I could give you
a great big kiss.
# A dragon, a dragon
You bet we saw a dragon #
# So big and brave, he came to
save a village in distress #
# He kept the ship from crashing
when he heard the S.O.S. #
# He faced a group of villains
and he fought them with success #
# He's great
He's great #
- # A chum #
- # A pal #
- # A mate #
# A dragon, a dragon
We're proud to love a dragon #
# Before he came to fight the storm
the night was dark and dim #
# Now everyone in town is safe again
because of him #
# He filled the ocean full of fish
He packed it to the brim #
# We want it known
that he's our very own #
Nora! Nora!
[Elliott Muttering]
- What happened?
- We sank in a storm off Cape Patters.
I was the only survivor.
When I woke up in the hospital,
I'd lost my memory.
Then the other day,
a strange thing happened.
My bed suddenly tipped over.
I don't know how, but I bumped my head
and everything came back to me.
- Is a miracle!
- [Chattering]
Is Elliott.
Gather around, everyone. I'm going
to have a few appropriate words to say.
Gather around. Come on.
Closer, closer.
There you are, yes.
Is nice to see you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Pete, I want you to thank
Elliott the dragon...
for the council here
and all the townspeople.
- You do that?
- Well, he's right here.
He'd appreciate it
if you'd thank him yourself.
- [Laughter]
- You mean I can talk right to him, huh?
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