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Won't do no good
to holler and fume and fuss #
# Leave town, keep on goin'
before I can count to five #
- Come on! Row!
- [Explosion]
Is Elliott!
# We got a bill of sale
right here #
# We got a bill of sale
right here #
# We got a bill of sale
right here #
# Right here #
# Right here #
Is downright dangerous,
getting all wet like this.
We done had
our bath in May!
- [Sneezing]
- [Men] Bless you, Ma.
- [Coughing]
- Excuse me, folks.
I witnessed what happened today,
and I'm completely sympathetic with you.
- Whas sympathetic mean?
- I'm Doc Terminus. Like to talk to you.
Oh, Doc, I got
this here "poomonia."
- Sit down.
- Ahh-ahh-ahh...
- Bless you, Ma.
- Bless you, Ma.
[Groaning, Panting]
I got this terrible ache in my back!
Good. Whas rightfully yours
is rightfully yours.
Now, you want Pete, right?
- Right!
- Right!
- Right!
I want... the dragon.
- The dragon?
- The dragon?
- [Laughing]
W-W-Wait a minute.
Now I got
a stitch in my side.
You really want
the dragon?
Very much. Mm-hmm.
Well, then, what are you willing
to give for it?
The help you need
getting Pete.
I'll need the same kind
of help getting the dragon.
N-Now I think the pain's
in my head!
- Have we got a deal?
- Sure.
We scratch your back,
you scratch ours.
The boathouse,
sunset, hmm?
Uh, Doc.
What you gonna do
with a dragon?
Oh, maybe put him on a ranch,
breed him. Hmm?
Big stud fees.
Ahoy. Ahoy. Here.
How would you like to make
the fishing good again?
- How do we do that?
- Catch that dragon!
Set a trap for him, throw a net
over him, drag him away.
Goodbye, Elliott.
Hello, fish. Hmm?
Sunset, the boathouse.
Spread the word, hmm?
[Fishermen Murmuring
In Agreement]
Get back!
Get back!
Dr Terminus! Here's that
there harpoon you wanted!
Good! Put it
right over there!
Now you just remember our bargain!
Okay, I want separate trip lines
on the primary tarp,
the secondary net
and on the tertiary.
- T-Tertiary?
- Whas that?
Dragon medicine.
- Okay, fix it.
- We've done it!
Don't signal
till you're re...
- [Men Shouting]
- Get this net up off of me!
Will you get this... Will you
get this net up! Up! Up!
Now, I've gotta go
and get that kid.
You rehearse this and make it run
like clockwork or else.
Oh, Elliott, you were terrific
the way you saved us from the Gogans.
- [Laughing]
- What?
Do you mean it?
[Clicking Tongue]
Wow! Thas great.
You're the most wonderful dragon
in the whole world.
[Soft Growling,
Clicking Tongue]
Wait till I tell Nora!
# [Humming]
Nora! Nora! Good news!
Elliott found Paul,
and he's on his way home!
- Pete...
- I wouldn't say anything
like that if I were you.
But is true.
Elliott said.
There's been enough talk
about Paul,
and Elliott too.
Both of us have to be...
Paul's ship went down.
He's not coming back.
And I have to adjust
my life to it.
You have to make
a big adjustment too.
You have us now.
You don't have to make believe
your only friend is a dragon.
But I'm not making believe.
Thas what I mean
by "realistic."
There are no dragons.
Except for Elliott.
He's real.
Lampie, you've seen him,
haven't you?
Well, l...
I thought I saw him.
Wait till Paul gets here. Then you'll
know how realistic Elliott is.
Until that time, les try
not to talk about it.
How about filling
the reserve oil can?
Well, at least one of us
is entitled to have illusions.
[Wind Howling]
Pete! Pete, is Elliott!
- Whas the matter?
- Ellios in Passapaka... Pakadaka...
He's in town, and he's
tearing the place apart.
- You've gotta do something.
- Oh, no!
We should be
in the channel.
We shoulve made
Passamaquoddy Light by now.
There it is!
Is my home port.
I didn't think I'd ever see it again.
- Is a welcome sight.
- Looks

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