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through us.
Look, don't ever let a dragon
know you're... you're afraid of him.
- [Whimpering]
- [Mumbling]
Stop-Stop shaking,
and-and smile.
Can't stop shaking,
and I am smiling.
Hello. Hello. Hello, Elliott.
Aah! Hey,
see how smart he is?
- [Whimpering]
- He said hello to me.
Yeah! He likes me!
- Y-You do somethin' so he'll like you.
- L-Like me?
Yeah. Do somethin'
to make him like you.
- Huh?
- You think?
Elliott, would you...
would you like
a little b-belt, huh?
[Both Screaming]
# [Humming]
Is it... Is it two parts fish oil
and three parts seawater...
and six parts
potato squeezings,
or is it only
two parts seawater, hmm?
Ten parts seawater, hmm? That much.
[Chuckles] No wonder they love it.
- Saw it.
- Saw what?
What is an "el-el-el
dra-dra-dra," hmm?
I-I saw the dragon.
L-Lampie wasn't lying.
Is real. It belched flame at me.
You saw a belching dragon?
You sure you weren't belching yourself
in front of the mirror?
N-Never saw anything
so horrible in my life.
I was a goner.
There was no need
for him to do that.
I only offered him
a sociable drink.
Hoagy, I can't stand you
when you're drunk.
Doc, look at me.
I'm not drunk.
What I saw tonight
sobered me in a second.
I swear... I swear to you,
there's a big, horrible dragon...
up in that cave, I swear.
I just realized,
I can't stand you when you're sober!
Now, get out of here. Get yourself
a good, stiff drink. Out!
I swear.
A vicious dragon.
# [Humming]
Nine and nine are eighteen.
Nine times nine are eighty-one.
Two thousand pounds make a ton.
That sign says "Passamaquoddy."
- You still have to go to school.
- Do I have to like it?
Like it or hate it,
you have to go.
Do you wanna be stupid when you
grow up, like the Gogans?
Okay, I like it.
I like it.
- Isn't that the boy with the dragon?
- I think so. Les go see.
Come on.
- Are you the boy with the dragon?
- Yep.
- Is it a he or a she?
- You don't name girls Elliott.
- Where is he?
- Following me.
- Elliott the dragon
is walking right there.
- I can't seem to make out his colour.
- Mostly green.
- He's not too big, is he?
- Regular dragon size.
- Wow!
- Pete? School.
- Gee!
I ain't got hardly
nothin' to sell.
So? I pulled my nets in,
and there weren't a fish in 'em.
I just docked. There ain't nothin' out
in that ocean but water.
Is real strange,
I'm tellin' ya.
Is like every fish
sorta disappeared.
Just suddenly
up and disappeared.
There's the cause of it.
That kid Pete.
From the day he come to town,
the fishing turned sour.
- Don't be ridiculous.
- Is that crazy dragon talk of his.
That kis been nothin'
but bad luck wherever he goes.
You're a bunch of
superstitious ding-dongs.
You know that fishing grounds shift
from time to time.
Ellioll make
the fish come back.
There he goes,
talkin' dragons again.
Hey, kid! There ain't no room
in this town for a dragon,
and there ain't no room in this town
for jinxes like you, neither!
Well, if there's enough room
for a chowderhead like you,
then there's more than
enough room for a dragon.
# There's room for everyone
in this world #
# If everyone makes
some room #
# Won't you move over
and share this world #
# Everyone make
some room #
# Even a dragon deserves a place
a wide-open space #
# With no reins
No chains #
# He wants to play games #
# Dance with you
Give him a chance #
# To sing his song #
# He only wants
to belong #
# There's room for everyone
in this world #
# Will everyone
make some room #
# Spread out while Elliott
gets uncurled #
# Fly on his back
and zoom #
# Rock him and ride him
and line up beside him #
# You'll see how

- 101
- Daenseo-ui sunjeong
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