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the lens cleaned,
and I want to take Pete
to buy new clothes.
Yes, well, clean Elliott
and eat the lamp.
I mean, we'll...
clea-clean the lamp.
[Muttering] Elliott!
The name's Elliott. Did you hear that?
Doc Terminus is comin'!
Are they still after us?
We lost 'em.
- Passamaquoddy ahead, ahoy!
- What?
Pass-a-ma-quoddy ahead, ahoy!
- Oh, no.
- Oh, yes.
All hands on deck!
Here comes the Doc!
[Dog Barking]
- [Screams] Slow down!
- My fence!
Wet! Wet!
Is still wet!
Throw out the anchor!
Since we all concur, gentlemen,
I suggest that we adjourn.
[Townspeople Screaming]
When did I start
losing control of my town?
[Both Screaming]
- You dummy!
- You told me to drop the anchor.
I dropped the anchor.
- Watch Bones.
- Get him off of me! Get him off!
I think they remember us.
Uh-oh. I think
I remember them.
- Just act normal.
- I am acting normal. I'm ready to run.
Quick, whas the name
of this town again?
- "Quassama" what?
- Passamaquoddy!
Got it. How wonderful to see
your smiling faces again.
All of you.
I-I've never known
such warmth,
such welcome,
such loving hospitality.
Get out, ya quack!
And don't bring those
phoney remedies here again.
Go on back where
you belong: Jail.
- [Booing]
- Thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you.
I sense enthusiasm,
I sense loving response,
and thas why I feel
that this is my home...
away from home.
# I've been bringing cures
from Pilgrim Heights to Provincetown #
# Treated rabid fever
down on Queen Anne Road #
# Gout or gastritis
Mumps or bronchitis #
# Bites and burns and blue abrasions
Got a pill for all occasions #
# Little Sipowissot
was so nice to visit #
# And Scraggy Neck
is lovely to recall #
- Why didn't ya stay there?
- Yeah!
# But through all my trips
Good Lord, there's one place #
# One corner, one town
on my lips #
# Why is #
# Padamaquassy
Uh, Pakquamasody #
# No, no, Passamamassey
Quadamapody #
# Uh, Passamadaddy
Uh, Quadamapassey #
# Uh, Passamahoddy
Oh, I know #
# Is Passamaschloddy #
Is Passamaquoddy!
Of course.
Thas what I meant to say.
# I took your drug for losing weight
and now I'm a blob #
# But now there's so much
more of you to love #
# I wiped out impetigo
on the banks of Buttermilk #
# Flu is under firm control
in Powder Hole #
# Terminus potions
tablets and lotions #
# Major news in modern science
Step up now and join my clients #
# Spent a day in Buzzars Bay
They couldn't keep me there #
# Even turned away
from Kingdom Hall #
# They probably
threw you out #
They probably threw...
# My hair was grey and thanks to you
it turned into pink #
But that colour.
Is so becoming.
- Aah!
- # We're gonna wash your phoney
tonics right down the sink #
Wait. Listen.
My specialties are
audiology, mycology,
serology, teratology,
embryology, psychology, zoology...
and any other "ology"
you can think of!
My friends, you're not
giving me a chance!
[Sobs] I brought all these
medicines back from Paris.
- France.
- [Crowd] Ohh!
Oh, Doctor! Oh, Doctor!
- Doctor, Doctor, help me.
- I hear someone!
I hear someone calling me!
Someone in need.
A human being crying out
to another great human being,
for a service only I can provide.
Madam, Dr Terminus
is here to cure you.
- Whas your problem, lady?
- Eh?
How can I turn my back
to such a dear woman?
Is the humanity in me.
- I hear...
- Oh!
Birds chirping.
I hear children giggling.
I hear coins jingling.
Thall be exactly one dollar, madam.
Fifty cents an ear.
Oh, bless you, Doctor.
I can hear! I can hear!
My medicine cured her, folks!
Did you hear her bless me?
Well, I bless her too.
How wonderful I feel
right here in my heart.
Honi soit qui mal y pense:
Shamed be he who thinks evil of it.
And thas what the medical
business is all about, folks:
People helping people.
You should all have

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