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There never, never, ever
was a dragon, dragon, dragon #
# Dragon, dragon dragon, dragon, dragon ##
- Why don't you just calm down?
- I seen his face.
If you wanna call it a face.
It was this close to me.
Why don't you lie down, Dad? Come on.
You know what else? It
started to smile at me.
- Well, did you smile back?
- I didn't have time to smile. I was too busy running.
And you know... And you know what else?
There was this boy with it.
And he wasn't afraid.
- This boy...
- Lie down.
We're in a lot of trouble,
and it's all your fault.
I don't wanna play.
You did everything wrong is Passamaquoddy.
Now everybody hates us.
I don't know whether you're good for me...
...or bad.
I'm sorry, Elliott. I
didn't really mean that.
It's just I don't know what to do...
...and I'm scared.
Hello in there!
Get back!
- What are you doing here? -
Oh, just playing tic-tac-toe.
This isn't exactly the
best place for tic-tac-toe.
The tide's coming in. High water
reaches this cave sometimes.
You better head for home.
You're not from Passamaquoddy, are you?
Nope. Just sort of... Traveling.
Where are your parents?
Where are you staying?
- What's your name?
- Pete.
I'm Nora, and I have to get back
on watch, up in the lighthouse.
There's chowder on the
stove, if you'd like some.
Wh-What's the matter?
It's a hand, not a shark.
You can finish that chowder...
...if you'd like.
Oh, I forgot something. Be right back.
I forgive you, Elliott.
Stay here till I see what
it's like up in the lighthouse.
The Gogans own me, I guess.
They said it was against the
law for me to ever leave them.
Where did you get that bruise?
Mr. Gogan. I was milking the
cow, and I missed the bucket.
- Had he done that before?
- All the time.
The first time I ran away,
the orphan home sent me back.
This time, I'll just keep running.
Well, you'll be safe here.
Nora, no one's ever been this nice
to me. I'll always remember it.
Pete, why don't you sleep here tonight?
We'll figure out what to do tomorrow.
Wonderful. I've got work to do. Come on.
Are you anybody's mother?
I'm not even anybody's wife.
But you're gonna get married now, aren't you?
I'm already married to this lighthouse.
- Who's that?
- Paul.
- Is he part of your family?
- He almost was.
- How can someone almost be part of a family?
- We were going to be married.
How come you weren't?
Well, as far as we know, his
ship was headed for a storm.
They were never heard from
again. That was a year ago.
He'll come back.
I tell myself the same thing every day...
...standing up there watching
for ships on the horizon.
Time I should be thinking of
other things, so they tell me.
I'll have to ask Elliott about Paul.
He has a way of knowing things.
Who's Elliott?
- My dragon.
- Dragon?
So you're the boy with the dragon.
- Yup.
- Where is he?
- Down in the cave.
- That's interesting.
I've never known anyone with a
dragon. What does he look like?
Just a plain, ordinary dragon.
How plain? How ordinary?
# He has the head of a camel #
# The neck of a crocodile #
It sounds rather strange.
# He's both a fish and a mammal #
# And I hope he'll never change #
# 'Cause it's not easy to
find someone who cares #
# It's not easy to find magic in pairs #
# I'm glad I found him I love him #
# I won't let him get away #
# 'Cause it's not easy #
# You say the head of a camel #
- # The neck of a crocodile #
- And the ears of a cow!
# It's clear that friends can be different #
# Yes, I understand you now #
# It's not easy to find someone who cares #
# It's not easy to find magic in pairs #
# Now that you have him Hold him #
# Treasure him from day to day #
# It's so easy #
# Life is lollipops and raindrops #
# With the one you love #
# Someone you can always be with #
# Argue and agree with #
# Climb the highest tree with #
# It's not easy #
# To share somebody's dream #
# It gets easy when you work as a


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