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the light
so I can see what I'm doing.
[Foghorn Blowing]
Come on, Elliott.
You can do it.
- [Foghorn Blowing]
- I got it!
Come on, Elliott.
- [Foghorn Blowing]
- Come on, Elliott!
What's the matter?
Everything is wet in here,
that's what's the matter!
- Don't worry, Lampie. Elliott came.
- Elliott?
That's all I need is
a dragon in here. Ah!
Get him outta here!
Start your burner, Elliott.
Light the wick.
- [Clicking Tongue]
- All right, Elliott. Go ahead. Light it.
Now, Elliott! Now!
All right.
Where's the fire?
- [Groaning]
- What's the matter?
[Gibberish, Sputtering]
- He's all squished up in the stairs.
- [Foghorn Blowing]
- [Foghorn Blowing]
- [Elliott Blowing]
- El-Elliott?
- [Gibberish]
He's real.
He's really real.
Clicking Tongue]
- Of course he is.
He's gonna light the wick.
- Can he do it?
Can he? He can throw a flame clear
across to Bar Harbor...
if he can get
his own burner goin'!
- Come on, Elliott!
- [Whining]
- Go on!
Blow, Elliott!
[Drawing A Deep Breath]
- Wow! [Panting]
- [Pete] Elliott, you did it!
Clicking Tongue]
Look there!
That means the harbor
is dead ahead, Captain!
Hard right rudder!
Elliott, I could give you
a great big kiss.
A dragon, a dragon
You bet we saw a dragon
So big and brave, he came to
save a village in distress
He kept the ship from crashing
when he heard the S.O.S.
He faced a group of villains
and he fought them with success
He's great
He's great
- A chum
- A pal
- A mate
A dragon, a dragon
We're proud to love a dragon
Before he came to fight the storm
the night was dark and dim
Now everyone in town is safe again
because of him
He filled the ocean full of fish
He packed it to the brim
We want it known
that he's our very own
Nora! Nora!
Gather around, everyone. I'm going
to have a few appropriate words to say.
Gather around. Come on.
Closer, closer.
There you are, yes.
It's nice to see you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Pete, I want you to thank
Elliott the dragon...
for the council here
and all the townspeople.
- You do that?
- Well, he's right here.
He'd appreciate it
if you'd thank him yourself.
- [Laughter]
- You mean I can talk right to him, huh?
Go right to the main source.
That was my campaign...
- No, he's over here.
- Oh! Oh, over that side.
So, uh, on behalf of...
Thank you.
It's a brazzle dazzle day
- So throw off the past
and everything in it
- [Elliott Clicking Tongue]
That's the brazzle
dazzle way
Enjoying your time
from minute to minute
Oh, Elliott,
you're the greatest.
You've made everybody happy,
especially me.
I'm very proud of you.
We've got a real family now
and a place to live.
[Clearing Throat]
You've gotta go?
When will you be back?
[Gulping, Muttering,
You... You won't be back?
But why?
Did I do something wrong?
There's another kid
in trouble?
[Soft Roar]
Well, if anyone can get him
out of it, you can.
- Ohh...
- [Giggling]
I won't see you again,
will I?
[Sniffling, Whimpering]
What are you sniffing for?
[Gasping, Sneezing]
Now, remember,
don't scare people.
Good-bye, Elliott.
- It is a dragon!
- [Pete, Lampie, Nora] It's Elliott!
[Pete] And remember,
you're supposed to be invisible![Man]
[Man #2]
Where'd he go?
He must have went that-a-way.
- [Man] Oh, Petey...
- [Owl Hooting]
I'll wring his neck!
[Man #2]
- Petey.
- [Hooting Continues]
- [Whispering] Elliott, put me down.
- [Men Chattering, Indistinct]
- [Man] Look around.
- [Woman] Spread out!
They're getting closer.
We'd better hide.
- [Knocking]
- Stop swingin' your tail.

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- Daenseo-ui sunjeong

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