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discuss it.
- I realize you must be
disturbed about it, and, uh,
up to here in dragons.
You know, Pete, I have
always loved dragons.
They're such
wonderful creatures.
When they're not busy
destroying things, of course.
I've had a dream since
I was your age that one day...
I would have
my very own dragon.
I would consider my life
to be fulfilled...
and would be most grateful
if you would sell me your dragon.
You wanna buy Elliott?
Sight unseen. As is.
We'll give him
a good home. Bless him.
I couldn't sell him.
Sure you could! That's what life
is all about: Buying and selling.
- I'll give ya three dollars.
- [Whispering] Offer him four!
I'll offer him five.
It'll make his head swim.
Five... dollars.
I can't sell him.
I don't own him.
- Well, what did ya do, rent him?
- Well, who owns him?
Well, nobody, I guess.
He just came to me.
He only goes to those who need him.
I need him.
Listen, Doc, I don't know what you're
up to, but you better forget about this.
- He's not for sale.
- Nora, go paint your lighthouse.
Pete, my boy,
you're conversant with Elliott.
Now, talk to him.
Tell him how much I need him.
Deliver Elliott to me
and the fiver is yours,
plus a bottle of my medicine
that's guaranteed to bring on
puberty two years ahead of time,
and that's better than a dragon, hmm?
- Doc, maybe you should
talk to Elliott yourself.
- Mm-hmm.
Wh-Where is he?
Does he speak English?
Down the beach.
- Where?
- Right there, by the water.
- Right. I still don't see...
- That's because he's invisible today.
They know they're sitting
on a gold mine.
Well, they've had their chance
to make a few dollars.
That dragon doesn't belong to anybody.
He's fair game, and he's gonna be ours!
We'll bind him up, grind him up
Lock him up, chop him up
Can't you hear
that jingle-jangle sound
- Oh yeah
- [Cackling]
It's money, money, money
by the pound
- [Horn Blowing]
- Ahh!
Uh! Ah-ah-ah!
Fog! Fog!
- Where's the fog?
- There's not much fog.
We were just using the horn
to chase off a few buzzards.
Few buzzards. Nora,
how many times must l...
Oh, started already, huh?
Look, if you're
gonna whitewash, son,
let your brush
go up and down, up...
that's a boy...
and down.
- Up and down. Up and down.
- That's right.
- [Chuckling]
- This is fun.
If it's so much fun, I'm gonna leave
it to you and Nora to finish up...
while I go in and take
a nice little nap.
This is the best time
I've ever had in my whole life.
- It is?
- Yeah.
Tell him, Nora.
Pete, Lampie and I
have talked it over.
- We feel the time has come
for you to stop running.
- Yes, it's true.
If it's all right with you,
we'd like you to live here with us.
Oh, Nora, Lampie, do you mean this
could be my real home?
- It certainly does.
- And Elliott too?
- Well, l...
- Sure, and Elliott too.
But Elliott has to live
in the cave.
All right, he will.
- Oh.
- [Lampie Chuckling]
No, no, no!
Not on me! Not on me!
On the side of the building,
please, huh?
- Now up... Up and down.
- And down. Up and down.
You know what?
It's a brazzle
dazzle day
So throw off the past
and everything in it
That's the brazzle
dazzle way
Enjoying your time
from minute to minute
- Running through the sand
without your shoes on
- Shoes on
Making sure that you
don't keep your blues on
- Finding a boat we can cruise on
- [Whistling]
It's a brazzle
dazzle day
When you think of love
and never of sorrow
That's the brazzle
dazzle way
- To do your work now
- And take off tomorrow
Flying through the air
You don't need wings on
- Wings on
- Wings on
Climb right up and feel the thrill
it brings on
Rock with the wind as it sings on
Ride higher and higher
And glide above the clouds
No one to catch us
or slow us
Even the birds
are below us
It's a brazzle dazzle day
A lifetime of joy
in just a few hours
All our brazzle dazzle years


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