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Watch Bones.
- Get him off of me! Get him off!
I think they remember us.
Uh-oh. I think
I remember them.
- Just act normal.
- I am acting normal. I'm ready to run.
- Quick, what's the name
of this town again?
- Passamaquoddy.
- "Quassama" what?
- Passamaquoddy!
Got it. How wonderful to see
your smiling faces again.
All of you.
I-I've never known
such warmth,
such welcome,
such loving hospitality.
Get out, ya quack!
And don't bring those
phony remedies here again.
Go on back where
you belong: Jail.
- [Booing]
- Thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you.
I sense enthusiasm,
I sense loving response,
and that's why I feel
that this is my home...
away from home.
I've been bringing cures
from Pilgrim Heights to Provincetown
Treated rabid fever
down on Queen Anne Road
Gout or gastritis
Mumps or bronchitis
Bites and burns and blue abrasions
Got a pill for all occasions
Little Sipowissot
was so nice to visit
And Scraggy Neck
is lovely to recall
I took your drug for losing weight
and now I'm a blob
But now there's so much
more of you to love
I wiped out impetigo
on the banks of Buttermilk
Flu is under firm control
in Powder Hole
Terminus potions
tablets and lotions
Major news in modern science
Step up now and join my clients
Spent a day in Buzzard's Bay
They couldn't keep me there
Even turned away
from Kingdom Hall
They probably
threw you out
They probably threw...
My hair was gray and thanks to you
it turned into pink
But that color.
It's so becoming.
- Aah!
- We're gonna wash your phony
tonics right down the sink
Wait. Listen.
My specialties are
audiology, mycology,
serology, teratology,
embryology, psychology, zoology...
and any other "ology"
you can think of!
My friends, you're not
giving me a chance!
[Sobs] I brought all these
medicines back from Paris.
- France.
- [Crowd] Ohh!
Honi soit qui mal y pense:
Shamed be he who thinks evil of it.
And that's what the medical
business is all about, folks:
People helping people.
You should all have help.
What have we here?
Oh, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor.
All I'm askin' for
is a miracle.
All he wants
is a miracle, folks.
How can I deny him? If he's willing
to pay for it, he's gonna get it.
- Any price.
- One dollar, sir.
[Drumroll Ends]
- I trust him.
- I believe in the Doc.
I'd put my life
in his hands.
My friends you've seen a miracle
and you'll see many more
People will come pourin' in
from land and sea
We'll have centers for testing
Let's start investing
- Keep those dimes
and dollars mounting
- I'll collect
I'll do the counting
Everyone who lives here
will be strong and healthy
You'll be getting richer
by the day
- Hurray!
- Hear them acclaim us
This town will be famous
The whole wide world
will look at us and say
Paquamassady, no, no
Quadamaddy, Deppadaddy
Depamassy, Quadapassy
- [Bawling]
- "Quoddy."
I know.
Pete, if you bring up the oil can,
we'll be ready for the night.
Sure. Before that, I'd like
to show Elliott my new suit.
No! No, no.
You can't bring Elliott up here.
Government regulation 302
states that...
no dragons
shall be allowed...
on the premises of
the United States' lighthouses.
Now, go on down and get
the oil so I can mark it up
in the log that you did that.
Okay. Nora, first can
I bring Paul's picture down to Elliott?
Then he can start
looking for Paul.
All right.
[Door Opens,
- Thanks, Dad.
- For what?
- For making believe about
the dragon and going along with it.
- Making...
It means a lot to Pete.
Sort of a family he made up.
I'm not making believe.
I actually saw it.
And I haven't been
the same since!
Go to the cave; you'd see
it too, and your eyes would...
- [Popping] pop right out!
- [Scoffs]
I was there.
I saw nothing!

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