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and you whisper sweetly
[Dragon "Singing"]
We don't match in size
but we fit so neatly
[Dragon "Scatting"]
It's nice waking up
when you're close beside me
Humming in my ear
- [Humming]
- You're joking!
- I can't believe it. You do?
- [Humming]
- [Humming]
- I love you too
[Pete] Remember the night
when you first confided
[Elliott Humming]
And things went so right
that we both decided
[Elliott Humming]
Now we're together
and life is perfect
Don't ever disappear
- [Humming]
- Oh, really?
- [Humming]
- Oh, you're just saying that.
- [Humming]
- Is it true?
- [Humming]
- I love you too
We're walking down
a road of our own
Where rain can never fall
I'm glad I don't
have to be alone
[Humming, Snorting]
You know what to say
when I want direction
[Elliott Humming]
You don't turn away
when I need protection
Your voice is the sound
of an angel singing
Music I wait to hear
- [Humming, Crooning]
- Say it again!
- [Humming, Crooning]
- And again!
- [Crooning Continues]
- Everything seems so new!
- I love you too
- [Crooning]
- I love you too
- [Crooning]
I love you too
[Bass Crooning]
- I love you too
- [Crooning]
- [Chuckling]
- "Paz-a-muh-quoddy."
Sounds like a nice place.
[Mumbling Gibberish]
Now, Elliott, we want the people
of Passamaquoddy to like us.
- Don't we?
- [Gibberish]
I mean, you're kind of big,
and we don't want to scare anyone.
- Do we?
- [Growling, Clicking Tongue]
So you better not
show yourself, understand?
[Gasps, Sighs]
I know how ya feel, but you'll
have to make yourself invisible.
- [Panting]
- Uh-uh.
- Nope. [Giggling]
- [Gibberish]
- Nope.
- [Moaning]
- [Panting]
- I'm sorry, but
the whole thing has to go.
Behave yourself, Elliott.
[Elliott Muttering]
[Muttering Continues]
- Hi!
- [Clattering]
- [Whinnying]
- [Shouting]
I told ya
not to fool around.
Get on the sidewalk
and stay next to me.
Look out, Elliott!
- Oops. Clumsy, clumsy, clumsy.
- [All Laughing]
I'm sorry, real sorry.
I was telling my dragon
not to bump his head on the sign.
All right, smarties.
Into your classroom.
March, march, march
march, march!
March! March!
March! March!
How dare you?
I mean, how dare you lie and try
to embarrass me in front of my students.
- I wasn't lying.
- That's a lie on top of a lie.
Ugh! You're not
one of my pupils.
What school are you
playing hooky from?
- I-I don't go to school.
- Ah! I knew it.
That's just
what this town needs.
- [Elliott Giggling]
- [Teacher] Another ignoramus.
- No, Elliott.
- [Ripping]
[All Laughing]
You disgusting
little street urchin!
You could be locked up for this.
Where's the sheriff?
I propose to say...
a beautiful community...
where the sun always rises
and the sun always sets.
- That's very deep.
- Elliott...
It's a place of serenity
and security,
where the unexpected
never happens.
- Ow!
- [Elliott Grumbles, Growls]
- It's okay, Elliott.
- [Astonished Mumbling]
It seems to say,
You-You absolute oaf.
You-You idiot!
- No, come, come.
- Look, it was that kid that pushed me.
He pulled off
Miss Taylor's petticoat.
- He walked through my cement
with his big feet.
- He scared my horse, Victoria.
Let's get out
of here, Elliott.
- We-Well, where is this person?
- Th-There he goes!
- Well, detain him. Detain him.
- [Crowd Shouting]
- Elliott...
- Uh-oh.
- You spoiled everything.
- [Gibberish]
Darn you, Elliott.
I told you to behave.
[Sorrowful Gibberish]
And some oysters.
Oh, hello there,
little boy.
- Hi.
- [Sniffing]
- Hi.
- [Puzzled Gibberish]
- Hey! Hey, you look terrible.
- Whoopee!
Hey, your friend's...
turned green.
- [Gibberish]
- If I didn't know any better,
I'd say he was a dragon.
- A


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