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- Catch that dragon!
Set a trap for him, throw a
net over him, drag him away.
Good-bye, Elliott. Hello, fish. Hmm?
Sunset, the boathouse. Spread the word, hmm?
Get back! Get back!
Dr. Terminus! Here's that
there harpoon you wanted!
Good! Put it right over there!
Now you just remember our bargain!
Okay, I want separate trip
lines on the primary tarp...
...the secondary net and on the tertiary.
- T-Tertiary?
- What's that?
Dragon medicine.
- Okay, fix it.
- We've done it!
Don't signal till you're re...
Get this net up off of me!
Will you get this... Will
you get this net up! Up! Up!
Now, I've gotta go and get that kid.
You rehearse this and make
it run like clockwork or else.
Elliott, you were terrific the
way you saved us from the Gogans.
Do you mean it?
Wow! That's great.
You're the most wonderful
dragon in the whole world.
Wait till I tell Nora!
Nora! Nora! Good news!
Elliott found Paul, and he's on his way home!
- Pete...
- I wouldn't say anything like that if I were you.
But it's true. Elliott said.
There's been enough talk about Paul...
...and Elliott too.
Both of us have to be...
Paul's ship went down. He's not coming back.
And I have to adjust my life to it.
You have to make a big adjustment too.
You have us now.
You don't have to make believe
your only friend is a dragon.
But I'm not making believe.
That's what I mean by "realistic. "
There are no dragons.
Except for Elliott. He's real.
Lampie, you've seen him, haven't you?
Well, I...
I thought I saw him.
Wait till Paul gets here. Then
you'll know how realistic Elliott is.
Until that time, let's
try not to talk about it.
How about filling the reserve oil can?
Well, at least one of us is
entitled to have illusions.
Pete! Pete, it's Elliott!
- What's the matter?
- Elliott's in Passapaka... Pakadaka...
He's in town, and he's
tearing the place apart.
- You've gotta do something.
- Oh, no!
We should be in the channel.
We should've made Passamaquoddy Light by now.
There it is.
It's my home port.
I didn't think I'll ever see it again.
It's a welcome sign.
Looks great to me.
I know the light keepers personally.
- He's in there! Come on!
- Elliott! Elliott!
Did I say the primary
was really the tertiary?
- Where's Elliott?
- Nowhere!
Your hokey-pokey dragon's out
helping Santa Claus pull his sled!
- Boys!
- Let me go!
Now you're never gonna get away again!
We're gonna put chains on
you when you're workin'!
- And when you're not workin'.
- And when you're sleepin'!
Okay, okay. Tear him to
pieces in your own time.
Right now he is the bait for the trap.
Take him where that thing can see
him when he comes through the door.
He'll head straight for
Pete. We spring the trap.
After the tertiary net drops on
him, I'll give you the signal...
...and you fire the harpoon
right into the middle.
- No! No!
- Yes! Yes! Got it?
Got it!
But what I don't got is, h- H-how
you gonna get that monster...
...that hideous beast, that nightmare
sent by the devil, to come here?
Easy. We get someone he
knows to bring him here.
Well, who'd be crazy enough to do that?
No! No!
He knows you. He trusts you.
He scares me! He hates me!
We are all on this earth for a purpose...
...and the time for your purpose is now.
I know that inside this pale,
frail, pathetic shell of a man...
...there is a Vesuvius ready to erupt.
Now, I've known you, man and beast...
...since, since you were nothing.
But now, Hoagy, now, you're still nothing...
...but you could be something!
You can be a somebody.
A legend, Hoagy. A legend in
your own lifetime, not a joke!
The moment's here, Hoagy.
Grab it. Grab it!
Today the jester. Tomorrow the king!
- No!
- Get out!
- Elliott.
- Can you come out here for a second? Please?
Wake up.
W-Wake up!
D- D-Don't get
I'm a friend.
Don't roast me!

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