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Дневной дозор

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really know, I was told me
never call to him anymore.
It's Egor.
Why did he came anyway?
He stole the chalk from him.
Where are you going?
Ow! I'll be right back.
- Do you remember the Egor's address? -
Let's go. - Let's go.
Take her along.
She belted off.
What, you're freezing so sit here and
warm yourself?
To anywhere...
Mister Zavulon, why we're Dark?
Because the darkness is hiding the
And there is no human without
It gives us an ability to do everything
we want to do,
to be ourselves. Such as we are.
The darkness gives us the love.
Look here, what I found, mister Zavulon.
It's the Chalk of Fate.
Zavulon. - I'm listening.
You've got the chalk?
You have no rights even to touch it.
And I'm not touching it.
What's the party you've got there? Why
don't you invite me?
No. But I will send you a photo.
Let's slow down, Semyon.
Call all the members together at the
Kosmos hotel.
But where are you going, Boris
I need to change my clothes.
With the chalk you can correct mistakes.
Well, keep it then.
But what about you?
I don't need it.
You're never making any mistakes?
I do, but I never regret about it.
What am I to do with it?
You may give it to Alisa.
And what's her regrets?
Well, about what can regret a woman?
About love.
Are you sure you're doing the right
I don't want to be like you, to be
afraid of both your friends and your foes.
To afraid of any phone call.
Who said that?
If you ask me - I fear nobody.
It's possible to remain a humans in our
"A humans", dad?
Do you mean, you can make me a human?
No, but...
Listen to me!
Kostya! Kostya!
Son. Listen.
Alisa, are you ready?
We're begining. - I'm coming.
Don't touch the ring. It hurts me.
Who ask you to come?
I'm not allowed?
Why not.
Close the door.
I'm coming to take you from here.
I'm coming.
I'm coming!
- Good evening. - You'd better come
back later.
I must go.
Kostya, wait. Wait. Listen to me, I can
There's no need.
He knows everything about me. I can't do
anything. He feels me. Can you understand? No?
I can't just take it off.
I'll help you.
He'll kill you.
I'm not scared.
I'm scared.
I guess I asked you... Can't it wait?
I told you...
Come on, come on...
Who is that?
A Gorodetskiy's neighbour. He can
recognize him in any body.
M- m-m... There is daddy?
The number you have dialed is not
available at the moment.
It hurts?
Come on, come on! Come on, come on,
come on, come on!
You have no right! You're outlawed!
You're outlawed, you heard?
You need to get dry a little.
You're out of the law. Look, there is
nothing personal it's just an order for me.
I agree, i agree, i agree with you.
I had an order. Gosha is good man...
Gosha was going in the Kosmos hotel to
some boy's birthday party.
What... What do you want to do?
What do you want to do?
No! Nothing will come of it!
Everybody knows your ugly face!
Well, of course, it's not our methods
at all.
Could you tell me, please, where is a
some boy's birthday party?
It's on the top floor by the lift.
Kolya. The Parrot is coming to you.
Well, how are you?
Fie-fie. Come on, go quick, don't be
Vityok, wait.
Give me your coat.
Hi, Vityok.
Is this begun?
Do I look like your Vityok?
So, you're not Vityok?
But then where is Vityok?
Who's there?
Happy birthday! Happy birthday!
Quite, quite! Let's give to his father
permission to say something!
HE has got the birthday. You forgot it
Give him a penalty goblet!1025
Come on, say something.
He was so waiting for you. What's with
I know, you the Light ones are know how
to do it! Come on!
I... wish you... good health and good
luck, Egor.
That's all?
And I wish that everything will be the
best in your life.
in YOUR life!
I'll told you
Дневной дозор Дневной дозор

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