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Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
Let's go.
An actor, yeah?
If you'll not produce evidence of non-
of Gorodetskiy in the murder of the
Dark ones, till dawn,
then we'll grant a license to his
We already have the letter of inquiry
signed by the Day Watch.
Here is the copy.
We'll not give out our colleague.
I intend to write and send a formal
If you'll refuse to obey the law, then
war will be unavoidable.
This is a provocation of the Day Watch.
And in the war like this war the
Greaters will never take your side.
The pretensions of the Day Watch is
And your protest will be rejected.
Alisher? It's Gorodetskiy, from Moskow.
Ow, Anton, hi. What's cracking?
Nothing special. Alisherchik, I'm is
about to flying to you.
Would you be so kind I need to get into
Tamerlan's grave.
But nobody must knew about this. Will
you help?
Hallo? What are you talking about?
I'm not to you. Yes.
Ow... You'll do it.
So, ok, come to us. We'll organize all
for you.
Anton, say "hi" to Semyon from me.
See you.
Salam aleykum, Djavlan-akya! Muslem
It's me. There is a man - some
"Karadetskiy" - he is flying to us.
So, Gorodetskiy is preparing for a
journey to Samarkand? Thank you, Mahmood.
Well, shall I go to Samarkand too?
I fear, this plane will not make it to
What do you mean?
Maybe it wil be better, if the parrot
flys? Instead of you.
And this...
What is this?
This is his car.
To airport.
Olya. - Well, how are you?
Too bad. I want my body back.
We'll meet in half-hour at Domodedovo
We'll go by foot?
Or we can take the lift?
I want my body back.
Are you going to somewhere?
Uh-huh. But give my body back.
You mean, you don't like mine?
No, I like it. But I fear, I can damage
What do you mean?
Just a second!
Stop staring - just go in.
Maybe we'll go on foot?
What's this?
It's a strap.
It's a weapon.
The purpose of your trip?
A sight-seeing of architectural monuments.
In the ancient capital of Uzbekistan.
You know, I think I am late for my
flight now.
Why do you going to Samarkand?
But your return-ticket says "tomorrow's
Oh, yeah, yeah.
May I ask, how many monuments you'll be
trying to see during this night?
Just one.
No sleeping at the workplace!
Excuse me, is it to Samarkand?
Thank you.
Where to? Where are you going to?
Sit down, please. We're take off soon.
Go out of the plane.
Miss, sit down. Ok, ok. You can proceed.
Haven't you have these barbariskas
candies in stock?
We have it. Just sit down.
Thank you so much.
I'm not let you stray one step from me
Fasten your seatbelt. - Yeah.
Tower, I'm 593th. All systems go.
593th you are clear for taking-off from Runway
3. Good weather conditions. Headwind... 7 m/s.
We're taking off.
If you will open that grave, then a war
will begin.
You don't go there.
I'll open it very gently. Just move it
a little by one of my nails.
No, we're not to fly.
- What was that? - At me... everything
is all right.
Let's fly.
No, it doesn't work.
-593th, what's the matter? - I don't know. I'm in
the take-off regime. But there is no taking off.
Listen, people!
Listen, people! All of you want to fly
to Samarkand, right?
They all want to fly! Do you understand?
Let's fly.
- Commander. Decision-making speed. -
We starting our take-off!
593th, what's on your board?
I don't call you.
Why we don't do anything?
You want this?
Once upon a time, one of our officers
left himself wide open.
He broke the Contract.
And when the killing of him was seems
to be inevitable.
This girl.
Hey, it's Olga.
After that, of course, he had justify
himself and Inquisition had discharge him.
As to that girl-magician...
She is not changing not a bit.
...while we... the Light ones... were in
need of her so much, she was condemned.
That's a sad story, Boris Ivanovich.
I was

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