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not allowed.
Hey! Wait! I say, it's not allowed!
I did all as you said. You promised to
help me.
Go back to work. At this evening, I
will tell what is next.
Hi there.
Don't take it hard!
Your hand will fall off, if you try
Ooow! Look who's just dropped in!
Look, I can't reach your girlfriend by
any phone. She met with...
Rogova was killed.
You know who did this.
You're totally lost your mind.
At this night Galya had met with
We need evidence of crime and
identification evidence.
Don't you think...
I'll take the car, okay?
Thanks for helping my son and all
our family.
You must destroy the evidence as fast
as you can.
And don't forget to congratulate Egor
with his birthday.
Okay, that's it.
Hey, why you don't sleep yourself
enough today?
Why your eyes is red?
Uh-huh. Ok, this is all. Let's go to
For what?
Just go. Go! Go! Go!
A lot of Dark ones newcomers without
registaration was appeared in our city recently.
We'are make a regions of the city checking. We already
checked Dmitrovka, we checked Yaroslavka, we checked Filie...
But the Bibirevo's rayon is still not
wallowed by. how's it says...
By a horse.
A horse.
It's still not wallowed by a horse.
508th have not enough of lamps.
What's the news?
So much of them was came. Pitch-dark
because of theirs.
They are planning a sabbath or
Ilya, do you remember Galina Rogova?
Yes, Rogova.
My opinion is that she is really
She can break the Contract.
Not anymore.
Galina Rogova was founded dead on the
porch of her apartment this morning.
There was no injures on her body.
Cause of death: total adynamia.
Hey, lady! Lady!
What's the girl's name?
Masha Rogova.
Do you know this man?
May I talk with the girl? You don't
Hello, Mashen'ka.
Hi there.
Such a nice little tortoise, isn't?
Tortoise looks like a real one.
Do you know this mister?
Where is your mommy?
My mommy went away, for a long time.
Your mommy is not "went away", my baby.
Your mommy is dead.
What do you mean "dead"?
She is dead FOR KEEPS.
Granny! Granny!
What is it? What is it, my sweety? What
is it, my dear?
Granny, my mommy is dead for keeps.
Oh, God. My poor baby, who told you
this thing?
A woman. She came to me and said it.
A woman? Where is she? There is nobody
Oh, God.
It was your mother. She came to you to
say goodbye.
As you understand, we were accused in
there is the Light one, in Moskow, who
did is acquainted with the Contract.
or - even worse - who ignoring it.
That's our situation at the moment.
Any questions?
Then thanks to everybody and good-bye to
everyone except Semyon, Olga, Ilya and...
Thank you for your compliment, Boris
It's my duty to make a internal
You'll need to write an attestation about
where did you been during this night and...
who can confirm your alibi.
Miss, may I have this ball?
Say me student, what are you studying
I'll be a biologist.
Do you want to learn how you can live
without human's blood?
You're cute. What a pity that you're
If not, there can be friendship between
But now we can't? Because I'm a vampire.
Well, why not...
Don't be angry. Tell me one thing...
did you saw you friend - your neighbour,
Why you thought that he is my friend?
I didn't blame you at all you can do
all what you want.
Because you a Dark Other.
You can be on friendly terms even with
the Light ones.
Thanks, you're very witty.
Last night, Galina Rogova was killed on
the porch of her apartment.
So, how shall I deal with it?
She has a 5-year-old daughter.
Last night I saw her talking to
Thank you.
What do you want?
Last night Rogova had a meeting with
How do you know?
There was a eye-witness.
M- m-m... Vampirito. I mean "little
How did you get

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