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what we gonna do?
Think, Egor, think.
Yesterday, into the Gloom,
I stabbed her with a needle.
Now I can drink from her.
125th, 3 minutes out.
320th, 7 minutes out.
34th, 6 minutes out.
540th, 2 minutes out. 540th!
118th, 1 minute out.
Under no circumstances start without us!
Maintain your positions!
I repeat: maintain your positions!
Are we surrounded?
She isn't answering.
Sveta! Sveta, it's me. Look at me.
Don't close your eyes, you hear?
I'm losing you, Sveta. I'm losing you.
Be cool, be cool. Yes. Come on, help me.
Help me and we'll get you out of there.
Man, stop this!
Come on, breathe, breathe...
Learn to drive!
Good girl, good girl!
Get up.
Get up slowly. Sveta, get up.
Come on, talk to me. Talk.
Tell me about something.
That's a good girl.
Breathe, breathe, breathe. Yeah.
You're on your feet. Good girl.
Beautiful, Sveta!
You're beautiful!
Come on, come on, come on!
Get up, get up!
- Sveta!
- Yes!
Hello, Olya?
Yes, we're on the way. Wait for us.
I found Anton.
He is drunk and now he doesn't
want to go anywhere.
Go practice.
They poisoned him?
We'll need to get you out of here,
it's a trap, provocation!
Don't try taking on Egor!
Do you hear me?
I hear.
Do you hear me?
Yes, I hear you.
Who do you want?
I need Anton Gorodetskiy.
I need him too.
No, I just need to talk with him.
Nooo, you lie. You came
to take him away from me, right?
He loves you.
He loves you too.
And now ladies and gentlemen!
It's time for the main event of our party!
We have been waiting, as the saying goes,
for a thousand years!
And now we've got a new Great one!
I'm not going to fight you.
You have no another choice.
Buckle up.
We'll start a battle
and WE will win this time!
That's the big one.
But if even one drop of any Dark one's
blood is spilled the Contract is broken.
And then we will start a battle!
And we will win!
That's it, we're here.
We are always hiding. Isn't it enough?
Who are the real criminals? Us or them?
So, what's the problem with us, guys?
We know every one of them by sight!
His big, ugly, Dark face!
Ordinary people believe in us!
Who else can protect them if not us?
Nobody else has the power to
do anything about it!
Because Fate is in OUR hands right now!
Everyone freeze! This is provocation!
Darkness will fall,
and nothing will able to escape it...
What if they really do fight over there?
Fine, I'm leaving.
Try it.
Blood! Blood!
What's with you?
Blood! Blood! Blood!
It's done.
What's "done"?
It has begun.
I didn't want to.
Shall we move?
What about Gesser?
Everybody, evacuate the floor,
don't panic!
This is an emergency evacuation!
There is a fire on the floor!
Get out! Everybody!
Fire! Leave the building!
Hey, what's happened?
Fire! Fire! Go out! Come on!
Come on, you've gotta get out!
Get out! Fire!
Miss, what happened? Miss!
What happened, young man?
Anton. Anton, where are you? Anton!
It's a stampede. Everyone is panicing.
People are trying to escape.
They're coming back.
Fire on the floor. Stay calm.
Miss... What... Young man...
What's happened?
Yes. Yes, yes. I'm coming, I'm coming.
Are you photograping it?
It's pitch black.
It's the end of the world.
Maybe they'll get another chance?
Find Alisa and get the chalk from her.
Where is Alisa?
Alisa? Over there...
Alisa! Wait!
I'm not a boy running from you, you know?
What are you doing anyway?
Freeze! Freeze!
Run. I said, run!
Stay! Stay! Stay where you are!
Settle down, quiet, quiet, quiet.
Well, can you lead me to Alisa?
Come on, come on. Lead me to her.
Kostya, I didn't want that. Kostya...
I ruined everything...
Give it to me. Give it.
Give it to me. Give.
Nooo. No. You scum! Get off me!
You can't bring him back.
I'll fix everything up!
You'll fix nothing.
Give me the chalk.
Because it's not your fault at all!

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