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He's been waiting for you. What's with you?
I know, you Light ones know how to do it!
Come on!
I... wish you... good health
and good happiness, Egor.
That's all?
And that all will be well in your life.
And later I have a few
other things to say, Egor.
Let's speak in private.
No, say it right now -
"later" will be too late.
I wish you only a one thing.
I wish you the knowledge of
how to forgive. And whatever they say...
Forgive your dad - he's very tired.
They poisoned him.
Hey! Let me pass!
Vitya, on the left slowing down the 548.
You see it?
Let me by!
That's what vinaigrette is for, sonny.
Take a bite.
What is it?
Are the ingredients important?
Or the effect?
You destroyed my life, granny!
Well, you destroyed mine too.
Yes! Because of you,
I've been living...
in the cell, as a frog,
for the last 12 years!
So what are we going to do with you?
Is that what you came for?
Have you forgotten, my dear?
The chalk?
You know, your hut was torn down!
They tore it down,
but one little wall survived.
Come here. Vinaigrette.
You want some vinaigrette?
Here! Nooo. Bring me the chalk and then
I'll give it. Do we have a deal?
She won't eat anything
if she doesn't know you.
Is she trained?
- She doesn't eat?
- She doesn't eat.
But I do!
Good boy!
Good boy! O-o-o-o...
I'm gonna eat!
I'm gonna eat everything!
The enemies' whirlwinds are waving over us,
Dark forces are violently oppressing us,
'Til the fateful battle...
He's here, somewhere.
He's close, I feel it.
But we will rise up
with pride and courage...
What's his problem, eh?
You fool!
Stop this, Semyon! Get a grip!
What are you doing, Semyon? Don't!
Drive faster - we're late.
Should we call the Inquisition?
No, not yet.
Not everyone is ready yet.
Big Zavulon, dear!
Let's have a drink?
Well, when you put it like that...
Bruderschaft style...
You've brought this upon yourself,
What if I'm turning you over
to the Inquisition...
Me? To the Inquisition?
For what?
I didn't kill...
You know it.
Then who did it?
You know how it is in the mysteries -
some gardener...
Or a butcher.
Valeriy Sergeevich,
fancy meeting you here!
I just came for my son.
He came for his son, too!
They gave Kostya a license.
But you know - he is not the sort.
What sort is he?
He is inoffensive. Like his mother was.
She was a real human.
But I think, he takes after his father.
Stop! Dark gentlemen!
Do you know who killed Galina Rogova?
She was killed by...
She was killed by...
Was killed by...
- But why did I have to kill them?
That's right, why?
Why did THEY have to die?
Oy! Oy, oy!
And do you want to know
where he got this idea?
By this very knife.
I wanted you to be a human so much.
Nothing in the world can excuse
the breach of the Great Contract.
Do you admit your guilt?
Yes. I admit it.
Say goodbye.
It's alright.
The Inquisition hereby dismisses murder
charges against Anton Gorodetsky.
You are free to go.
Thanks, it's great to be here.
I'll explain everything...
Was it you who called them?
Zavulon! You promised!
Go away, father.
You're spoiling our fun.
He didn't do it by his own will!
He was coerced!
The one who coerced him...
Quiet, quiet. Give me the chalk.
Come on.
Let me go, bastard!
"Someone is losing...
and someone is finding.
Someone is leaving...
and someone is arriving."
She's here.
Everyone is assembled.
Stop her, mister Zavulon.
She can't be stopped.
Melodrama is not my cup of tea, Egor.
Then I'll do it myself.
She is stronger than you.
Think about it.
Don't think.
- Svetochka!
- Anton!
Go home now.
I'll explain everything later.
Please, go home.
No offence.
I'm just fine.
Please, go home.
You see, mister Zavulon? He doesn't love
her any more. He became a Dark one.
No, my sweet Egor, he's just darkening.

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