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Дневной дозор

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know. I'm following the procedure,
but we're not taking off.
People! Everyone wants to fly
to Samarkand, right?
They all want to fly.
Do you understand?
We're off.
- Commander. We're overspeed.
- We're taking off!
Glory be.
593, what's your status?
I didn't call you.
Why don't we do something?
Want some?
Once upon a time, one of our officers
fell into grave danger.
He broke the Contract.
And when his execution
seemed inevitable...
this girl come to his defense...
Hey, it's Olga.
After that, of course, he exonerated
himself and Inquisition released him.
As to that girl-magician...
She hasn't changed a bit.
...when we - the Light ones -
needed her so much, she was condemned.
That's a sad story, Boris Ivanovich.
I was just bait.
She, a Great one, was the real target.
There is no chalk
in Tamerlan's right fist.
How do you know that?
Were you there?
In 1941. Boris was in trouble
and I really needed the Chalk.
So, I organized an expedition and went
there with some archaeologists.
In Samarkand an old man joined us.
His name was Zoar.
I warned him that if opened the grave,
it would cause a war.
But I was sure that...
then the Chalk would be in my hands,
I would be able to correct everything.
When we opened the grave,
there was an inscription:
"I held the whole world in my fist,
but I can't take it with me."
He didn't have the chalk.
But what was Zoar doing there?
He had worked in Gorkom.
And what did he do with Tamerlan?
Well, Zoar was his right-hand man.
His RIGHT hand?
Oh, Zoar. Oh, you old dog.
Olya. Turn the plane around.
I know where the chalk is.
It's Zoar who has it.
Give me the chalk.
No, you don't get it -
I need the magic chalk.
That's the magic one.
Where can I write with it?
Here, on this board.
Does it help?
Every day.
What do you write?
Whatever you want.
How did you... How did you get here?
I was in the neighborhood and
I decided to drop by.
In the neighborhood?
In the neighborhood, eh?
In the neighborhood? Egor, it works!
Do you understand? It works!
What works, dad?
The chalk! The chalk works!
My dear boy! Say, why are you so cold?
Why are you so cold?
You're freezing. Hold on.
Do you want something to eat? Huh?
We'll make something for you.
Zoar! Come on, come on! Make something
to eat! I've got a son!
Sit down, sit down, sit down. Come on.
It works!
Give me your pants!
We'll wash them too.
But I don't have any others.
Where are you going to go
so late at night?
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Forget it. If we are going wash,
we might as well wash everything.
Oh! Excuse me,
I looking for your neighbor.
You're not the only one.
Thank you.
Be careful, Svetlana.
You're a vampire?
Yeah I'm a vampire! Look!
Forgive him. We didn't break any laws.
I didn't say you did.
Here are his registration papers.
I... I... I didn't say
you broke the Contract.
Everything in the fridge is legal:
milk, cheese, potatoes...
I'm sorry...
Dad, go away!
Stop degrading yourself!
Hello, Anton?
Who is it?
It's me, Svetlana.
Svetlana? You know
he has a family, a child.
Please, don't call him anymore.
Egor, here.
It's pilaw - eat it with your hands.
So, is it tasty?
Do you want come eat with us?
With "us"?
With me. With mom.
Egor, I can't go with you.
I have another life.
Egor, you know I...
You'll come yourself!
Zoar, why isn't the chalk working?
I wrote where you told me to...
Because I'm writing my own fate here.
150 rubles for the pilaw.
Your fate is somewhere else.
And you can't change
the fate of others at all.
Every man answers
only to how own destiny.
Don't you remember
where you trifled with fate?
Why didn't you tell me before?
You didn't ask.
Ask, didn't ask...
I'm sorry, Anton-jan.
What happened?
He stole the chalk.
Excuse me, may I speak with Egor?
Are you nuts?
It's 1:00 am. Egor is sleeping.
Hey, chief! Get me to VDNH!
We found him,
Дневной дозор Дневной дозор

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