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have time right now.
I'm only here for a moment.
Could I take Svetlana with me?
What, you smoke now?
Poor Sveta. What in the world
will she do with him?
Let's go.
Listen, Anton will be coming soon.
He's not coming.
How did you know that?
He is very busy right now.
But we were going to go
to a restaurant together.
Well, sorry.
It's not a good time for restaurants.
Let's go, then I'll explain.
Can I ask you something?
Uh-huh. Ask.
Do you like Anton?
Do you?
He's kinda weird.
I get the idea he's afraid of me.
Well, no, not like a woman but...
not afraid, but like... like...
He keeps his distance.
Yes, like that.
It's not surprising - you'll be
a great magician in the future,
but he'll make third category at best.
First of all - I'm a woman,
and I don't care about his category.
I love him, and...
Ah! Watch it!
You're crazy!
You know it's not my business,
but I want to tell you - do you hear me?
I think he loves...
he loves you too! Very much!
It's just that he's afraid.
He is afraid that someday...
you'll end up too far away!
But some day
we all end up too far away!
But now I'm SO CLOSE.
Come on, come on!
You're close but only for now. Come on.
Close now.
Ladies, are you alive?
We'll give you a hand. Hang in there.
After that I called him at night.
Come in. He wasn't home.
Then I called on his cell-phone
and he hung up on me.
Well... maybe he is busy?
Or maybe he already has someone?
He hasn't had a woman in 12 years.
Well, then, that means it's just...
it's just... complexes.
Biocomplex - a truly magical way
to slow down the aging process,
and increase your sexual desires.
- Wow, such a...
- Thank you.
Why are you looking at me like that?
I'm going to take a shower.
You can put on the kettle, if you'd like.
Listen, why hasn't he had
a woman in 12 years?
Kinda weird.
Why oh why...
You know, Sveta.
Oh, how do I explain this? Jesus.
Sometimes there are moments...
when suddenly your life changes forever.
Why forever?
- Olya!
- What?
Bring me a towel, please.
It's in the closet.
I'm not Olga, I'm...
What? What did you say?
I can't hear you.
What are you doing?
I'm not Olga - I'm Anton.
I love you.
What's with you?
I'm not Olga. I'm Anton.
We switched bodies.
How dare you? You... you bastard!
How could you do this?!
You set me up! Get out!
Get out of my sight!
Get out of here! How...
How dare you? You used me!
How dare you!?
You're crazy! And... get out!
Leave and close the door!
- Ah, he almost had it.
Sergey Federov just missed it.
- But he still has the puck...
A pass! Miss...
Go, go, go. Come on, come on. Go!
- We're out on the attack.
- They've fallen behind.
The game is in our hands.
Come on, come on. Go, go, go!
Retards, yeah?
What are they doing?
What are they doing?
I guess someone promised
to take care of your body.
I didn't hurt it, did I?
The organism remains in a mint condition.
For every 100 grams of weight you put on
she'll tear out 100 grams out of YOU.
The bottom one is broken.
I'm saying, "Hi"...
Hi, little vampire.
Yes! Yes! Yes! Good boys!
Men can think of anything to get out
of their promises.
What promises?
I thought you were going to
take me out to dinner.
But I'm not allowed...
I need to see your son.
Hi, Kostya.
Ready to go?
Who is she?
Have you seen Gorodetsky?
We can't seem to find him.
Too bad.
We think that he swapped bodies...
with a woman.
That is so typical...
To you. To most quickly solving
your problem.
Look - a Dark one.
How is he a Dark one?
That boy at VDNH -
you two are very close, right?
You help him so much...
Is that your mission - to split us up?
Once again I have to say, you're a fool.
He's off to suck someone's blood...
Or to cast evil spells.
What do you want from me?
Would you be able to recognize him
in a different body?
I don't know. I never tried.
If he were in my body, for


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