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Where is your mommy?
My mommy left for a long time.
Your mommy did not leave, dear.
Your mommy died.
What do you mean?
She died for good.
Granny! Granny!
What is it? What is it, little one?
What is it, dear?
Granny, my mommy is dead for good.
Oh my God. My poor baby,
who told you this?
A woman. She came to me and told me.
A woman? Where is she?
There is nobody here.
It was your mother.
She came to say goodbye.
As you know,
we have been accused that...
there is the Light one, in Moscow,
who is not familiar with the Contract,
or, even worse, is ignoring it.
That's the situation at the moment.
Any questions?
Then thanks to everyone and goodbye to
everyone except Semyon, Olga, Ilya and...
Thanks for the compliment,
Boris Ivanovich.
It is my duty to conduct
an internal investigation.
Write an explanation of where
you were that night and...
who can confirm your alibi.
Miss, can I have the ball?
What are you studying, student?
Want to learn how to live
without human's blood?
You're cute.
It's too bad you're vampire.
Otherwise we could be friends.
But now we can't?
Well, why not...
Don't be angry. Tell me one thing...
did you see your friend,
your neighbor, yesterday?
Why do you think he's my friend?
I don't blame you at all, you have
the right to do whatever you want.
Because you're a Dark other.
You can even be friends
with the Light ones.
Thanks, you're very witty.
Last night, Galina Rogova was killed
in the entrance to her apartment.
What does that have to do with me?
She has a 5-year-old daughter.
Last night I saw her with Gorodetskiy.
What do you want?
Last night Rogova
met with Gorodetskiy.
How do you know?
There was a witness.
M-m-m... the young vampire.
And how do you know?
Come here, I miss you.
Get me Gorodetskiy.
At the time when Rogova was murdered,
Gorodetskiy was in the archives.
So, he's got the alibi.
But he'll never admit it,
rightfully so.
Then... Then we will have to give him
to the Dark ones.
And what will they do with him?
I don't know, but
they won't take him alive.
Do you have a plan?
Have you seen the chief?
Sit down.
I'm sorry, Olga, but I have to do it.
Do what?
I understand.
But I DON'T understand...
What the? What are you doing?
Sorry, Anton, but you
would never agreed to it.
Everything will be ok.
Hi. May I see Gesser?
Drop dead with your Gesser!
Anton, come back.
You haven't been dismissed yet.
What we gonna do about the voice?
It's easy. Just try, you'll get it.
Yeah, right.
Hold on.
Hold on! You made me a transvestite...
What's not to like?
How do you poor men even walk?
Now, Anton, remember I don't smoke.
Your lipstick got smeared.
Should I fix it?
I'll manage.
Remember: don't put anything in
your pockets, you have a purse for that.
Don't slouch, don't slouch,
you're a woman!
Tell me, why is my ass wiggling?
A remaining reflex.
- YOU!
- Shh... quiet..
Hi, Boris Ivanovich.
Hello, hello.
I'm coming, I'm coming...
How long I must live like this?
A day or two or three.
Until we'll find the murderer.
And where am I gonna live?
Just call one of the guys - work it out.
Ah, with Semyon!
May I live with you for a while?
- Starting when?
- Today.
No, no chance.
Well, sorry then.
Maybe it'd be better with Svetlana?
Good idea.
But what should I tell her?
You can tell that you can't sleep here
because Boris Ivanovich snores all night.
I snore?
Alright. Now you know how to
identify a subject...
on the other side of a physical barrier.
Svetlana, please, show us
the magic of introscopy.
Who is standing behind the door?
It is Anton Gorodetskiy.
I'm terribly sorry, I...
Please, come in, Olga.
You honor us with your presence.
We are just studying
the basics of introscopy.
Maybe you'll show us something,
since you're already here.
Just a little? A little something?
Maybe next time.
I don't

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