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soccer right now.
- Here's a chance... a shot!
- And, instantly, they counterattack.
A long pass...
Hey! Hey, mutt!
- Unexpected!
Two 15 minute periods,
then penalty time.
- We've closed the gap - 1:2.
And we're on the attack again.
- Pass! Shoot it! Go-o-al!
- The most important moment
of today's match.
- It's important not to let up,
not to go on the defensive.
- Keep risking, keep on their heels,
but proceed with caution.
"Central Asia
"The chalk of fate"
"I ask permission for an expedition
to the city of Samarkand...
in order to open the tomb into
the architectural monument Gur-Emir.
According to our investigation,
the military leader Tamerlan
was buried in that tomb...
with the Chalk of Fate
in his right hand."
Gesser. 19th June, 1941.
- Into the final seconds,
we are continuing to press the attack.
- 4:2. This victory costs not only
the nerves of the players,
- but all of ours as well.
- But we can relax now.
'Til next time, take care.
Oh, Ovchina.
You know, Alisa, he looked at me
so strangely... it scared me.
- You mean nobody was covering you?
- Covering me?
Want me to come?
Thanks, but I'll be alright.
Be careful, alright?
- Hello, Galya. Are you okay?
- Hello.
Sorry, it's just that I'm very tired.
Call me later?
You call me.
Alright. I just arrived home...
Who's there?
Is this a joke? Who's there?
A judge.
Yeah? Who are we going to judge?
741st. On the scene working. Ambulance
was already here. They left a report.
Galya! Galya! Galya!
Let me through! That's my daughter!
That's my daughter!
No entrance.
I dunno. They're working.
There are no injuries on her body.
How do you know it's murder?
Because I know who killed her.
I'll smash your head in
if you hang up again, got it?
Get Zavulon on, NOW!
He is not here.
Did you tell him it's ME?
Who's he with?
He can't talk right now.
What the? Stop! You can't!
I did as I was asked.
You PROMISED to help me.
Go back to work. Tomorrow night
I'll tell you what's next.
Don't take it too hard.
Would it kill you to knock?
Ooow! Look who's here!
Look, I can't reach your friend.
She met with...
Rogova was killed.
You know who did it.
He's lost his mind.
Last night Galya met with Gorodetskiy.
We need proof.
Do you think...
I'll take the car, okay?
"chalk of fate"
Gur-Emir, Samarkand
Tamerlan's resting place"
"book seats"
"Your order was accepted.
Thank you!"
Thanks for helping your son and us.
Destroy the evidence
as soon as possible.
And don't forget to wish
Egor a happy birthday.
System error!"
Come on!
Alright, that's enough.
Hey, didn't you sleep well?
What, are my eyes red?
Uh-huh. Alright, that's it.
Let's go see Gesser.
For what?
Just go. Go! Go! Go!
A lot of unregistered Dark ones
have appeared in the city recently.
We are checking by region. We already
checked Dmitrovka, Yaroslavka, Filie...
But Bibirevo is still
hasn't been cleared... like...
a horse.
A horse.
A horse still remains.
508 doesn't have enough lamps.
What's the news?
So many of them came...
It was totally dark...
"Ferrous metallurgists
are gathering in Moscow"
"Dark ones are gathering in Moscow"
They planning some sort of sabbath.
Ilya, do you remember Galina Rogova?
Yes, Rogova.
I think she is very dangerous.
She could break the Contract.
Not anymore.
This morning Galina Rogova was found dead
in the entrance to her apartment.
There were no injures on her body,
cause of death: total loss of energy.
Miss! Miss!
What's the girl's name?
Masha Rogova.
Do you know this man?
May I talk with the girl.
You don't mind.
Hello, Mashen'ka.
Such a nice little turtle, isn't it?
Like a real one.
Do you know this mister?

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