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Дневной дозор

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already closed.
Where do they keep
the exhibits at night?
In the archive.
You have time until morning.
But how can I get in there?
As fast as you can.
He wasn't at home
so I signed it instead of him.
And now I don't know,
how I'm supposed to tell him.
Do you want to say that
he's not innate?
No. He bit him himself.
He had an inflammation!
An ambilateral inflammation!
Yea, and his mother
had an inflammation, too.
That's all right.
Give him a reprieve.
I know, you can do it.
And I'll do all you want...
All you need.
What do I need?
It's illegal.
Do you understand?
What's to understand? How can I get
that cap from Night Watch archives?
"How, how..."
Connect it to his parents!
So what, public catering, do you have
anything to eat for this baby?
Go quick, quick! Hurry up!
Take it. Drink it.
You must.
Hallo? Hello, it's Galina Rogova.
I'm Egor's teacher.
I'm calling because your son
had missing his cap.
Wrong number.
There are a lot of caps like it in Moscow.
Good girl. You'll go far.
You can enter the second level of gloom.
No, I won't go far.
I can just barely stick my hand there.
Can we make an order?
You already ordered!
I can't remember.
Why you so dirty?
Take a look at yourself.
Hello, Boris Ivanovich.
Boris Ivanovich!
What are you doing here?
We're waiting for the ravioli.
But you have class.
I forgot.
So, tomorrow...
Absolutely. At 7 o'clock.
Now I forbid you to have an personal
relationship with a trainee.
It's too late, Boris Ivanovich.
It's too late.
Thank you very much.
Assalam aleykum, Zoar.
Anton, she'll be a Great one soon,
but there is no room for TWO Great
ones next to VDNH-metro-station.
You mean, the second Great one - it is me?
No, Anton. I mean it is your son.
If he bumps into Sveta, then
whole world will plunge into darkness.
You're Light, Anton,
but you drink a Dark beer.
Nice talking to you.
You'll need to eat, Egor.
Tomorrow will be a great day for you.
But what will be tomorrow?
Tomorrow we will have many guests.
Grandma Dasha was just released.
Wheh she'll come,
she'll introduce you to Mashen'ka.
Presents. Well? What do you want?
You are too young for this.
I don't want it.
If you don't want to - we'll teach you,
if you can't do it - we'll force you.
"On his deathbed, Tamerlan asked us
to bury him with his fists clenched.
And his will was done."
Wrap up these ravioli for me, Zoar.
I'm going home.
It's manti.
Well, wrap them anyway.
Oh, "Remarkable Lives"!
If he had MY life.
On one hand, the son
who makes the world darker,
on the other side, the girlfriend
who's blinding with her talents.
You know, this Tamerlan had
some problems with his son too.
Zoar, what kind of problems
he could had with his son? Tell me?
His son was killed.
Maybe you should stop
drinking now, Anton-jan,
if you don't want to get yourself
into trouble on the way home.
You're pure gold, Zoar.
How much do I owe you?
"However, after many long years the final
resting place of Tamerlan remains unknown.
In 1941, under the academic Gerasimov,
an expedition to Samarkand was organized.
But a war hindered the expedition.
All information about
that expedition was lost...
in many archives and specialty
libraries devoted to Central Asia."
"Your house is connected."
What bullshit.
Listen carefully, Gorodetskiy.
He'll in big trouble -
he will be dis-incarnated.
Wrong number.
Have you no shame?
After all, you're his father...
Tomorrow is Egor's birthday.
Do you remember that at least?
Give him a present.
What present?
- A hat.
- What hat?
A dark one.
Do you have any idea how many
hats like that there are in Moscow?
I can't help you.
Then I'll write a letter
to the Inquisitor.
Write whoever you want.
We should crush you.
- Today we've got
a very fierce competition.
- And the whole country is
at their TVs watching
Дневной дозор Дневной дозор

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